Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 9

Uncharted Territory, Season 2 Episode 9
November 28, 2019
Live from the White Eagle in Worcester, MA
Streaming on IWTV.live

Hoping you had an awesome Thanksgiving Day! Whatever you had for dessert will in no way be any sweeter than what we’ve got going on tonight, because Uncharted Territory is LIVE this evening! That’s right, the White Eagle is open on this beloved holiday night for the Beyond Wrestling faithful to come and watch some wrestling on Thanksgiving, just like in the good old days of the WWF!

Tonight’s Commentary: Paul Crockett & Sidney Bakabella are here and bickering like relatives at the dinner table; it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this kind of arguing. We are home!

Spotlight Match: Solo Darling vs. Jody Threat
Solo Darling is up against Jody Threat in this week’s Spotlight Match before we go to the live feed on IWTV. It’s surprising to see Solo in a Spotlight match seeing that she’s very much accustomed to the main card of Uncharted Territory, but this is also a good opportunity for her to show off her skills against a new opponent. Threat has an even bigger chance to shine here as this is her second time being featured in a Spotlight Match. Both ladies showed sound skills here and looked great; Solo Darling takes the win and it’s time to see Threat on the main card more often, too.

Match 1: Shook Crew (Bobby Orlando, Bryce Donovan, Platinum Max Caster) vs. Josh Briggs, Anthony Greene, & Ava Everett
First up in tonight’s 3-on-3 elimination match we have the Platinum Hunkies (Briggs and Greene wearing the Hunnies singlets) along with Ava Everett dressed like Greene. Love these people! The Shook Crew (Donovan and Caster along with Bobby Orlando) start off with some kind of hybrid Thanksgiving rap and diss targeting Briggs, Greene, and Everett. Briggs takes out Caster early in the match after a big boot to the face; Caster did way more shit-talking than wrestling tonight! After the first man was eliminated Orlando became the team workhorse (workgoat, even) and took the most punishment. Thankfully for him Bobby Jr. the goat counted somewhat as a 4th man in this team, so Caster’s elimination only hurt them slightly. Donovan manages to get a near-fall on Ava Everett but ends up getting eliminated by her shortly afterward, leaving Orlando as the last man standing for his team. It was a valiant effort from the GOAT but he couldn’t overcome the 3-on-1 advantage, taking a team triple powerbomb and a pin. Ava and the Platinum Hunkies are the sole survivors!

After our first elimination match Josh Briggs (sans singlet) announces that there’s a new tournament (the ‘Tournament For Tomorrow’) starting next week on Uncharted Territory for the best of New England’s independent wrestlers. Beyond continues to be at the forefront in scouting the next generation of talent; how cool is it that we have entire gauntlets and tournaments on these shows dedicated to promoting the newest names?

Match 2: Gary Jay vs. Aaron Rourke (Discovery Gauntlet match)
The Stiff Robo Ginger has been on a roll as of late in Beyond Wrestling and back home down in the mid-south promotions as well; we were all ready to see Gary Jay go to work tonight against Aaron Rourke, but I think it’s safe to say that none of us were quite ready for Aaron Rourke! This was my first time seeing Rourke in action, which was nothing new considering the Discovery Gauntlet is for the freshest names in the business. No lie, the young guy is much better than I thought he’d be. He seemed nice enough in his pre-match promo and had a great match with Gary Jay despite the crowd being largely in favor of the latter...and you can imagine everyone’s surprise when Rourke came through with the upset victory! Surprising, yes, but what was even more shocking was Rourke’s post match comments. At first he came across as the sympathetic underdog but then in a turn that would have pleased even Alexa Bliss herself, Rourke thanked only himself for the win, proving himself to be merely a name-building opportunist who’s out to use the Discovery Gauntlet to make himself look as good as possible. Have to say he’s off to a good start with this episode. Gary Jay definitely deserves to make his return on Uncharted Territory in the future, however, having made such a solid showing in the Gauntlet over the past couple of weeks.

Match 3: (Team Ohio) Gregory Iron/Atticus Cogar/Eddy Only/JJ Garrett vs. (Team Buffalo) Brandon Thurston/Kevin Blackwood/Puf/Megabyte Ronnie
Team Buffalo (or is it PUFfalo?) is out first with Puf bringing in the Christmas spirit to Uncharted Territory as he’s dressed as Santa Claus. Leave it to Thurston to ruin the fun, however, in his own separate entrance from his team and arguing with Puf . It’s fun to see Team Ohio here on Uncharted Territory after 24 hours ago seeing them all at GCW’s Chopper City in the Ghetto in Philly. Sidney Bakabella had the comment of the night during this 4-on-4 elimination match when summing up Eddy Only: “This guy looks like he’s seen some shit.” Only turned out to be one of the standouts of this elimination match, so maybe he *has* seen some shit. Megabyte Ronnie was the show-stealer of the match; this was my first time seeing him (not only is he a wrestler but he’s a competitive eater) and the guy literally snacks on a sandwich and a hot dog mid match, in the middle of doing a People’s Elbow. The wrestling world needs more of Megabyte Ronnie. Puf shocks us all by doing a tope suicida dive to the outside...leave it to Puf to bring the entertainment! Blackwood eliminates Garrett first, and Only eliminates Blackwood directly afterward. Thurston then eliminates Only, narrowing the match down to 2-2. Cogar eliminates Thurston, leaving Puf alone for his team. Undaunted, Puf then eliminates Iron, leaving it down to Puf and Cogar. Never underestimate the power of Puf! He hits the Puf Driver after a strike duel with Cogar and gets the pinfall victory as sole survivor for Team Buffalo.

Match 4: Danhausen vs. Chuck O’Neil (with Larry Legend)
Danhausen returned to Uncharted Territory for the Thanksgiving episode and we were more than happy since we do love that Danhausen...but we didn’t know that he was here for a match. Once Danhausen let us know what he was thankful for (Warhorse, EFFY, Team Pazuzu) he also let us know what he was NOT thankful for (spicy waters, swearing, and Chuck O’Neil). This prompted Chuck’s arrival with Larry Legend, and then we realized that Danhausen was here on tonight’s episode in an attempt to regain his stolen kneepad. This would be a challenging act for Danhausen as we’ve seen what O’Neil has been capable of with Team Pazuzuhausen. Chuck takes to the mic and berates Danhausen and everyone in attendance for not showing the proper amount of respect for serious ass-kickers like himself, apparently not realizing that he’s simply an unlikeable serious ass-kicker. Larry serves as the personal announcer for Chuck and formally introduces him, letting us all know that yes indeed we’re about to see a serious match. Nothing about this match is fun as Chuck is here to bully and destroy; he even takes the fun out of Danhausen’s Tequila spot...on Thanksgiving, no less! As we expect, Chuck dominates here and wins via rear naked choke. He’s still got the damn kneepad, too. Pinkie Sanchez comes out for the save (equipped with a blackjack for strong backup!) before Chuck can do any further harm to our belovedhausen, but the message once again has been sent clearly that Chuck O’Neil is too strong of a force to reckon with alone.

Match 5: Independent Wrestling All Stars (Violence is Forever, Manders, Warhorse, Matthew Justice) vs. Team Beyond (Bear Country, Nick Gage, Thomas Santell, Kris Statlander)
Our main event is the 5-on-5 elimination match, and in addition to Rich Palladino handling announcing duties for Team Beyond we have Tennessee’s own Righteous Jesse here at the White Eagle tonight to announce Team IWTV All Stars. Hell yes to Jesse on Uncharted Territory showing them all that the South has something to say! After the introductions are done, Nick Gage engages in a little team spirit with Kris Statlander applying some of her warpaint to the King. It’s all about the solidarity after all! The match is on and this was one chaotic main event. The fight didn’t stay in the ring long as all team members started brawling on the outside and an incredibly tall ladder is set up. Justice gives us a HOLY SHIT moment with a senton off the ladder onto everyone on the floor. And that’s just how we’re starting out! Things get even rougher early for Team Beyond with NDK being eliminated by Violence is Forever (Santell was eliminated first by Garrini and Gage eliminated afterward by Ku after Total Elimination). Statlander avenges Team Beyond’s loss after battling back and hitting a beautiful Area 4-51 on Violence is Forever and getting the pin on both Ku and Garrini, eliminating them both and bringing the match back to 3 on 3. Bear Country hits the Elevator Drop on Justice and eliminate him after Bear Bronson scores the pinfall. Manders and Warhorse power up in this moment of adversity with Manders eliminating Bear Bronson after a lariat and Bear Beefcake being eliminated by Manders as well after some solid double teamwork from both cowboy and horse. This left Statlander as the lone member of Team Beyond, and she did not waste a moment in taking the fight to the two remaining competitors. Statlander and Warhorse had a memorable showdown that took a lot of fight out of both, but just as it seemed like the alien was ready to put the horse out of commission the cowboy was there to prevent the loss for his team. Statlander’s skills could not outmatch both Manders and Warhorse, however, and Warhorse (who remains unpinned, by the way) was able to get the pin on Statlander after his double stomp from the top rope. Team Beyond was defeated and the White Eagle faithful were shocked and appalled that Statlander had taken the loss after such a hard battle.
Warhorse took the mic afterward to praise Team Beyond for their part in tonight’s match and to give props to his other surviving teammate Manders, who was there and all in for the victory celebration. As Warhorse went on to proclaim that he’s ready for a challenger at Beyond Wrestling’s Heavy Lies The Crown on New Year’s Eve, we found out that Manders had plans of his own that didn’t include any further celebrating. Manders attacked Warhorse from behind as he was making his statement on a challenger, letting us all know that he intends to be that next contender at Heavy Lies The Crown. I’ve been wanting Manders to step up in his rightful place...but man I can’t wait to see Warhorse get in the ring with him and square up first!

Post-Show Thoughts:
It’s good to hear Beyond refer to the Thanksgiving episode of Uncharted Territory as a new tradition, as this is something I’d like to see every year! This was a top-to-bottom enjoyable episode that focused on the traditional Survivor Series format with a few singles matches in between, and all together it had a true feel of those older late 80s/early 90s Survivor Series PPVs. Excellent work done by the Beyond team and another great week of storytelling that’s leading us up to New Year’s Eve!

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