AEW Dynamite | Episode 18 | 2/5/20 | Von Braun Center | Huntsville, Alabama, USA

AEW Dynamite Review 2-5-20

By Maria Rose

First things first, going into this episode of Dynamite all I was thinking about was the lashings that Cody was going to get from MJF. After all, this whole storyline with Cody/MJF is most definitely intriguing but once again the show overall was great, and I’m completely invested in just about all of the storylines going on.

Starting off the show Jon Moxley comes out through the crowd, still wearing his eye patch, to face Ortiz with Santana at ringside. Chris Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle come out to join commentary. Great match of course and Moxley gets the win, which surprised me. I thought maybe interference would happen and it didn’t, but I like to be proved wrong in these cases.

After he wins, he takes the infamous car keys out of his pocket, which I have no idea how he wrestled that whole match with them in his pocket, then proceeds to stab Santana in the eye. A literal eye for an eye situation. Then he leaves before The Inner Circle can get him.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jon Moxley is the only one I can see right now taking the Championship off Chris Jericho and having a good run with it. I hope that happens.

Next match is Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy vs SCU. Good match and a lot of fun to watch. My favorite part was when everyone was laid out on the side of the ring and Orange Cassidy just casually laid next to them. I laughed too hard and enjoy the comic relief Orange Cassidy brings.

SCU picks up the win and The Dark Order comes out and goes after everyone in the ring. Orange Cassidy then gets in the ring with The Dark Order and they offer him to join which he quickly denies and gets attacked. Christopher Daniels then comes out and The Dark Order back out of the ring. Hmm I wonder why? I still want to see him join them.

The third match surprisingly ended up being one of my favorites because of Britt Baker. It was Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D vs Yuka Sakazaki. I was actually really shocked that Yuka picked up the win here, but I can appreciate it.

After the match, Britt Baker shows her true heel self by breaking Yuka’s tooth, then hitting her with the ring bell. I’m now fully behind her heel character. I think she can lead the women’s division at this point.

Next up is The Butcher and The Blade and Lucha Bros vs The Elite. This match was good. A lot going on and the momentum in the match was solid. Hangman looked annoyed most of the time and at the end refused to tag in The Young Bucks, so they lost.

This match showed even more of the breakdown of The Elite. Another storyline I’m excited to see unfold. (Seeing Page pull that pitcher of beer out of nowhere later on backstage was gold too.)

After the match, while Tony Schiavone is in the ring ready to interview Kenny Omega, PAC pops up on the screen next to Riho. After basically threatening harm on Riho, Kenny agrees to the match with PAC, who then let’s Omega know he would never hit a woman. Then Nyla Rose attacks Riho.

Side note: Kenny Omega is in two storylines now, and BOTH are interesting. 

Kip Sabian with Penelope Ford vs. Joey Janela is up next. Decent match and I like the storyline with Janela being Penelope’s ex, but I would like to see more excitement here. Sabian steals the win. Not much to talk about but hopefully it picks up soon.

Finally, we get to the most talked about part of the show. MJF comes out to give Cody 10 lashes. Now I personally thought something would happen and somehow get twisted around and not finish all the way through because, in all honesty, that’s what I’m used to seeing. Not the case. It was done perfectly, not only solidifying MJF as the worst person ever as he laughed at each lash, but also making Cody look like the perfect babyface that you just can’t help but love.

Cody took all 10 lashes and had plenty of support from his friends and family. After MJF finished he wasn’t happy that Cody lasted through all ten lashes, so he of course added insult to injury by kicking Cody between the legs and running off.

I cannot remember a wrestler that had me more EMOTIONALLY invested in them other than Cody Rhodes. His passion and drive for the business is currently unmatched in my opinion.

It’s no secret I’m an MJF fan first, but this storyline is turning me soft enough to feel for Cody. They both play off each other so well and MJFs heat is soaring to new levels every week. Can’t wait for the next episode of Dynamite.

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