Review of GCW Presents 'The Art of War'

GCW Presents ‘The Art of War’
Taped February 5, 2020 from 1st Ring in Tokyo, Japan
Streaming on
February 6, 2020

The Art of War is the third and final event of GCW’s latest tour of Japan, and this was the wildest show of all three nights. Truly, the outlaws went out with a bang and a series of bangers that have to be seen to be believed. In fact, I’ll be glad to share just a small taste of what you’re in for when you order this show (or preferably the 3-show package). Do keep in mind that the small taste you get may possibly leave a little bit of blood and glass in your mouth.

Match 1: Gentaro/Tomoya Hirata beat Kikutaro/Shigehiro Irie
Match 2: Toru Sugiura beat KTB
Match 3: Daisuke Sekimoto beat Chris Dickinson
Match 4: Drew Parker/Toshiyuki Sakuda/Ryuji Ito beat Orin Veidt/Matthew Justice/Jimmy Lloyd
Match 5: Abdullah Kobayashi beat Shlak (and they beat the FUCK out of each other)
Match 6: (trios match) Kenji Fukimoto/Isami Kodaka/Takashi Sasaki beat Matt Tremont/Alex Colon/Danny Havoc

On Commentary: Big thanks to OG Kevin Gill, the Voice of GCW, for holding it down all three nights and special thanks to Brett Lauderdale for jumping in on commentary on nights 2 and 3. Their excitement for these matches is contagious!

So...that Kobayashi/Shlak match...I’m likely going to knock the bottom out of hell for enjoying every moment of this war. Brutal and unforgettable, these two did not leave one light tube intact by the end of this match. Blood EVERYWHERE. Out of three nights that had solid and scary as hell deathmatches, this one was my favorite. And also there was the rematch between Sekimoto and Dickinson! If you caught their first match at Beyond Wrestling’s Americanrana last July, you knew how amazing the follow-up would be. These two monsters delivered, and now I’m ready to see a part three.

I thought that by tonight I’d be able to choose a ‘most valuable player’ of the GCW squad for all three shows, but it’s damn near impossible to do so. KTB had an incredible run on this tour and it was terrific to see him so over with the Japan crowd. Matthew Justice was on fire for each show as well, and I’m damn happy that I was able to see him prove how next-level he truly is. I really don’t care whether you love or hate Shlak; the man is frighteningly unreal and despite the fact that he bleeds red like the rest of us, he’s still not 100% human. Then there’s Danny Havoc, who has come back to the GCW ring in what looks to be the best shape of his life and bringing fire from the first night to the last. I praise the incredible work done by these men as well as everyone else involved in the Japan tour; these are the guys who I hold in the highest esteem. 

However, my words can only tell you so much and sell you on this product only to a certain extent. It’s actually seeing what went down that’s going to hype you the hell up.

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