IMPACT Wrestling Review 2-18-20

IMPACT Wrestling 2-18-20
From Las Vegas, NV
Available on AXS TV
By Dylan Hager

Tuesday Night Wrestling!!! Time for IMPACT!

We start with a look back at the Elgin-Eddie rivalry, the Rosemary/Havok/Su story, and Jordynne winning the Knockouts Title from Taya last week!

Josh Alexander vs TJP
Tag partners are at ringside as Ethan Page is with Josh and Fallah Bahh is accompanying TJP. This match ruled! Both men looked good early. Josh held the advantage for the majority of the match, but TJP kept coming back. TJP landed a dive onto Josh, but Alexander was able to regain control. Josh hit several big slams for two counts. TJP kept going for ankle and knee submissions, but Alexander was able to get the ropes. Alexander locked on a sleeper, but TJP pinned Josh's shoulders to the mat for the 1-2-3! Really great match! Nice to see no interference from the partners. Winner: TJP

Willie Mack and Swinger are backstage! Swinger says the team needs more reps. Willie tells Swinger to meet him in the ring. Looks like we'll get more of this story later in the show.

Elgin promo. He says he is going to beat Eddie tonight and go onto winning the World Title.

Josh and Don preview the rest of the show. Still to come is Eddie vs Elgin, Ace Austin and Reno Scum vs Tessa, Trey, and Tommy Dreamer, and we'll hear from Jordynne Grace

Willie Mack vs Johnny Swinger
Looks like Willie invited Swinger out to be his opponent instead of his partner. Willie got off to a hot start, but Swinger used some underhanded tactics to get the advantage. Mack quickly regained the advantage and won after a stunner and frog splash. Quick match and exactly what it needed to be. Good stuff. Winner: Willie Mack

We get a look at Jordynne beating Taya for the Knockouts Title last week.

Madison Rayne is in the ring talking about Jordynne. Madison talks about how many times she has been KO's Champ. She issues a open challenge.

Madison Rayne vs Mazzerati
Mazzerati accepts the open challenge. Mazzerati got in some early offense, but Madison quickly cut her off. Madison dominated most of the match, and  when Mazzerati started to comeback, Madison hit the Cross Rayne for the win. Decent enough match. Madison is really good. She doesn't get talked about enough.  Winner: Madison Rayne

Gabby backstage with Jordynne Grace. Grace says the Knockouts Title means everything to her. Grace hypes up her match at Sacrifice with Havok. When Grace leaves, John E. Bravo come up and talks up Taya. Bravo put together a video all about the greatness of Taya.

Back from commercial, Gabby is outside Taya's dressing room. We can hear Taya screaming at Bravo. Taya tells Gabby she is going to get back the title.

The IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is Pope vs Mr. Anderson from Against All Odds 2010.

RVD and Katie are backstage. Katie is complaining about social media. Daga is backstage, and Rob brings up beating him at Hard to Kill. Daga challenges him to a fight, and RVD says he will have to wait until next week.

Gabby is backstage with Tommy, Trey, and Tessa. Tommy puts over Tessa and Trey. Tessa hypes up her match with Ace at Sacrifice.

Match #3 in the Best-of-Five Series (Elgin leads 2-0): Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards
Must win match here for Eddie. Eddie got off to a hot start, but Big Mike quickly gained the advantage with German suplex. Eddie attempted a comeback and went for a suicide dive, but Mike caught him with a forearm. Elgin attempted a crossface, but Eddie rolled through and connected with a Boston Knee Party. Elgin hit a top rope powerbomb, but he didn't go for the pin. Eddie rolled him up for a three count. Another solid match in the series. I'm not crazy about the finish, but maybe that's just my opinion. Eddie takes it to match #4! Winner: Eddie Edwards (Elgin leads 2-1)

Moose is joining commentary for this next match!

Dave Crist vs Rhino
Jake is out with Dave, and he gets involved early. Every time Rhino gains the advantage, Jake gets involved. Rhino knocked Jake off the apron and hit Dave with a gore for the win. Very quick match. Not a lot happening here. Winner: Rhino

We see Havok and Suzie backstage. Susie disappears and it looks like Havok is Su's next target.

Chris Bey vignette! Very excited to see Bey in IMPACT.

Josh and Don hype up Sacrifice this Saturday.

We get another ICU vignette.

Main event time!

Tommy Dreamer, Trey, and Tessa Blanchard vs Ace Austin and Reno Scum
The babyface team got some time to shine early, but Ace and Scum spent the majority of the match working over Tommy and Trey. Tessa made the hot tag and cleared the ring. Tessa and Trey both hit dives to the floor. Ace hit Trey with The Fold as Trey was getting back in the ring for the win. Solid six person tag. Nothing great, but certainly nothing bad. They did a good job of continuing the Ace feuds with both Tessa and Trey. Winners: Ace Austin and Reno Scum

Good. not great episode tonight. Josh vs TJP was probably my favorite part of the show. There wasn't anything bad, but there was no big time "must see" moment or match either. Next up for IMPACT is Sacrifice this Saturday, available on FITE and IMPACT Plus.

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