IMPACT Wrestling Review

IMPACT Wrestling 2-11-20
From Mexico City, Mexico
Available on AXS TV
By Dylan Hager

Back to Mexico we go! It is time for another week of IMPACT Wrestling!

We start off this weeks show with a video setting up tonight's Knockouts Title match between Taya and Jordynne.

We go straight to the ring for our first match!

Match #2 in the Best of Five Series (Elgin leads 1-0): Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards
This might have been my least favorite of their matches in 2020, but that is not to say this was a bad match. Elgin got the early advantage when he caught Eddie coming off the top with a powerbomb. Elgin used several suplexes and lariats, but he couldn't put Eddie away. Eddie made a comeback, connecting with a suicide dive and tiger driver. They had their strong style exchange of strikes and suplexes. Elgin went back to the crossface that he has used to beat Eddie in the past, but Eddie escaped. Elgin countered the Boston Knee Party with a Buckle Bomb/Elgin Bomb combo for the win. A solid open to the show, but probably not quite as good as their ppv or January IMPACT match. Winner: Michael Elgin (Elgin leads 2-0)

We take a look at the history of Taya vs Jordynne going all the way back to last Spring.

Gabby interviews Taya backstage. Taya list all of her accomplishments in IMPACT, and she says she is ready to defend against Jordynne.

Josh and Don hype up Sacrifice on Feb 22 with Tessa vs Ace.

Madman Fulton vs Daga
Daga tried using his speed to get off to a quick start, but Fulton's power allowed the Madman to take control. Daga took the fight to the outside and landed a dive on the big man. Fulton controlled most of the match. Daga made a comeback and started to gain control when the Crist Brothers interfered. Daga took out Jake and Dave, but the distraction allowed Fulton to hit a overhead throw for the win. Not a bad match, but nothing special. Nice to Fulton working more singles matches. Winner: Madman Fulton

We go backstage to Moose getting a massage. Rhino comes in and attacks Moose. They have a match scheduled for Sacrifice.

Ethan Page vs Fallah Bahh
The tag partners are at ringside of course as Josh Alexander is with Page and TJP joins Bahh. This match was pretty quick, but it was pretty fun. Page controlled most of the match thanks to interference from Josh. Bahh made a comeback and went for the banzai drop, but Josh pulled Ethan out of the ring. TJP hit a dive on Josh, and the distraction allowed Bahh to execute a small package on Page for the win. There is never a bad match when The North is involved, and this was no exception. Looks like Bahh and TJP might be next in line for a title shot. Winner: Fallah Bahh

Father James Mitchell and Havok are backstage, and they find Susie. Susie leaves with them, and we see that she has the noose. Josh ask if she can turn from Susie to Su at any time. I love this story!

Rob Van Dam vs Joey Ryan
RVD is accompanied by Katie Forbes of course. Well....this match happened. A ton of "gaga" early on. There was a lot of RVD and Katie making out, and Joey trying to get RVD to touch "it". The match itself was slow and did not have a ton of action. Joey did eventually hit a suicide dive onto RVD. Joey finally got Rob to touch "it," but RVD countered the Dick Flip with a kick. Rob landed a frog splash for the win. In theory, I like this story, but this match sucked. Winner: Rob Van Dam

We go backstage, and Su Yung, not Susie, is dragging Mitchell with the noose. Mitchel transports I guess we'll call it to the undead realm. This story is so out there, and I love it!

The IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is Magnus vs Eric Young from Sacrifice 2014.

Backstage Swinger tells Willie that he has his back tonight. Willie ask Swinger to just stay in the back.

Shera vs Willie Mack
Rohit and Gama are out with Shera. This match doesn't last long at all before Rohit attacks Willie. Swinger comes out and makes the save. Somebody find Teddy Long; we have a tag team match! Winner: Willie Mack (DQ)

Willie Mack and Johnny Swinger vs The Desi Hit Squad
Pretty solid, quick match, Hit Squad work over Swinger early. Mack makes the hot tag and takes out Rohit and Shera. Swinger makes a blind tag and tries getting Mack to do a double team move with him. Gama pulls Mack out of the ring, and while Mack is distracted, Shera hits the Sky High on Swinger for the win. Hit Squad continue to build momentum. Winners: Desi Hit Squad

Gabby is backstage interviewing Tessa. Tessa calls Ace a scumbag, and Ace interrupts the interview. Tessa attacks him, and they have to be pulled apart.

Next week Ace and Reno Scum will face Tessa, Trey, and Tommy Dreamer.

We see an "ICU" vignette. Main event time!!

Knockouts Title: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Jordynne Grace
John E. Bravo and the fake dog are out with the champ. This match was better than i expected. Taya gets off to a hot start. Jordynne uses her power to turn the match around and hits a suicide dive. Bravo gets involved, and Taya is back in charge. Jordynne starts to make a comeback and connects with a spine-buster. The two battle to the outside, and Taya powerbombs Jordynne onto the steps. Taya takes Jordynne up the ramp and hits Road to Valhalla on the stage. Jordynne caught Taya in the corner and hit a muscle buster. Taya came right back and locked on a cross armbar. Jordynne transitioned into a crossface. Grace hit a splash out of the corner and hit a Grace Diver, but Bravo pulled the ref out of the ring before the three count. Jordynne pulled Bravo into the ring, and Taya accidentally speared Bravo. Jordynne hit a senton on both Taya and Bravo and hit the Grace Driver one more time on Taya for the win! New champ!! The record breaking reign of Taya is over, and the days of Grace are upon us. I loved this match. Grace was fighting from behind basically the entire match. Bravo was great in the manager role. Grace and Taya were great in the ring. Great stuff!! Winner: Jordynne Grace

 Good show tonight! Good matches to open and close the show. Love the Su Yung story, and I'm excited to see where that goes. Next week IMPACT will be out of Mexico City and back in Vegas. Hopefully the Vegas crowd is better than this Mexico City crowd has been. We've got a new champ!!

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