NWAPowerrr | Episode 18 | Money Where Your Mouth Is

NWAPowerrr | Episode 18 | Money Where Your Mouth Is  | By Dennis DuBay

(As always, match results at the end of the column, no spoilers in the story)

Main Story: Aldis v. Scurll II

Today's episode was a bit slow for me. It wasn't a bad show, but it lacked something. What that something was, I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I've watched six hours of IWTV in the past two days and I'm wore down by some great shows.

One of the NWA's biggest strengths is the video packages. And that was on display again tonight. The build towards Nick Aldis v. Marty Scurll II is in high gear. Aldis was in action at ROH's "Free Enterprise" ppv over the weekend, where Scurll put out the challenge we've all been waiting for: If Scurll beats Aldis at The Crockett Cup, Scurll becomes NWA Worlds Champion. If he loses, he pays Aldis half a million dollars of his own money.

That's a helluva stipulation.

Later in the show, Aldis said he accepted the offer. At The Crockett Cup, he's taking Scurlls money. We're then told that next week, a date will be announced for The Crockett Cup.

Episode 18 started off with The Bouncers (with Eddie Kingston ringside) v. The Dawson's, managed by The Pope. This was in no way a technical beauty of a match. It was just a lot of fists, kicks and slams.

Tom Latimer and Kamille came out for an interview with Joe Galli. Galli continues to be obsessed with getting Kamille to talk to him. A funny moment occurred when Kamille suddenly went to mockingly slap Galli, who jumped out of his tidy whites in fear.

Tim Storm and Latimer were up next. I don't what it is, but every week, Storm seems to get younger right before our eyes. This was a really entertaining match where Latimer and Storm played a game of whose stronger , with Storm coming off the ropes several times trying to knock down Latimer. Of course, as heels do, Latimer cheap shotted Storm and the match was on.

After the match, "Mama Storm" came out to ringside again, and Storm was pissed as he left for the back. He's not going to tolerate this too much longer.

Trevor Murdoch came out a hootin and a hollerin, he want's a rematch with Aron Stevens. Question Mark came out and interrupted Murdoch with a rendition of the Mongrovian National Anthem. While Mark's voice a bit pitchy at times, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. A Sean Mooney NWA Control Center followed that.

A really good NWA TV Title match was up next, with Ricky Starks taking on Matt Cross. I said it last week and I'll say it again this week: Cross needs to hold some NWA gold soon. That guy is just money in the ring and a really good dude to put a title on.

For a six minute match, this was a pretty damn good, fully fleshed out match with both men shining.

Zicky Dice, who i have started seeing get more bookings outside of the NWA & Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, was out talking trash on Starks.


Marti Belle is out for an interview. She sticks up for Melina, saying Melina is the only one who cared enough to help Belle out - and that if the fans think Allysin Kay is a good person who cares about anyone but herself, they are lying to themselves.

This brought out Kay, who told Belle that she doesn't get to tell the fans that she doesn't care about them, because they know day in, day out, she puts her body on the line for them.

She says Melina is brainwashing Belle; and theat Kay will always be there for Belle. Belle stormed off, angry.

Melina and Tasha Steelz were up next. I'm just not ... I don't care about Melina. I don't think she should have been the focal point of all this. I think Thunder Rosa should have been the devious shit stirrer who backs up her action with talent. It's clear that Rosa is annoyed with Melina and Belle's constant intervening in matches, but i don't want to see a Kay/Rosa alliance. After the match, Melina sanctioned herself an NWA world title match for next week.

Main Event was Aldis and Royce Isaacs against former tag champs, The Rock n' Roll express. May Valentine was with Sal Rinauro, in the crowd, in seats. Yeah, I don't know either. All I know is Valentine is sexy as hell and I don't care where she sits, as long as I can see her on my screen.

Pretty decent match for what it was.

Next week, there won't be a show. In it's place will be the "reality" type show they spoke about earlier in the year, "The Circle Squared,". It'll be interesting to see what this show entails. We'll also get the date for Crockett Cup 2020.

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