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Social Disgraces

Life in the realm of Now has become such an insular practice that it makes Krude think of a better space in time. A time when life meant living and living was large. Not sitting around with your head down looking at your palm top cpu while wondering how many 'likes' your recent tweet about the Grammys received. Fuck that. Give me a half tank of gas, a cool chick and enough cash for solid laffs. Buy the ticket Take the ride...

Staying home for alleged kicks is a drag. Watching movies on a 4K screen is cool. Being part of a group of like minded peers at a movie theater is much better. Listening to downloads of music on a wireless device in nice. Going to see a live band way,way better. It seems that the eternal thirst for people to get the most out of their freedom to explore has become a thirst for people to buy the latest technology to make their home fortress one stop shopping for all their entertainment needs.


Dining at quality restaurants is really where it's at. I make sure where I eat is always great,not just very good. Staying at home,cooking every meal to save $ is practical. And boring.Taking your chick for a nice Italian dinner paired with a Chianti bottle or two is the tits. Literally.

Save some $ by not buying the latest home theater audio system and spend the cash on random experiences and adventure. This blog owes itself to that statement. Beats watching The Matrix for the 10th time to see how great your new sub woofer is. Nothing sucks worse than hearing my downstairs neighbor/landlord cranking up a wall shaking episode of The Price is Right. Just because he can.

I have previously admitted to enjoying using online dating websites to check out female talent. My excuse was: I don't have time to go out anymore. Not my train of thought at the moment. It seems like every online app is an opportunity for people to 'put their best face forward' and exploit their own image for the world to see. Sounds good in theory. Wouldn't it be better just to look great in person at any given time? Instead of showing up at the grocery store on 2pm on a Saturday wearing pajama bottoms and flip flops?

Filming myself talking smack on my YouTube page Krude Tube is my way of letting off some unscripted steam. Everything I say in my videos is off the top of my head. I don't rehearse or look at notes when I film. And I usually film in my car. This is because the lighting is good and I can mount my cell phone on the dashboard. The point being is for being real,not pretentious. Most people who film for YouTube want to be paid 'stars'. I just amuse myself with the videos and maybe a few people will dig it. A few people do

Time is precious. Don't waste it. Mahalo


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