WWE Raw - The One Where Shayna bites Becky.

WWE Raw | 2.10.20 | Ontario, California | Toyota Center
Recap by Chelsea Weiand

Raw started off tonight with The Monday Night Messiah. Personally, I am not feeling this group yet, but I am still open to eventually being on board. Kevin Owens with one hell of a promo, like always. I enjoy anytime K.O has a mic in his hand! The Monday Night Messiah V. Viking Raiders, K.O. and Samoa Joe for the main event tonight. Yes, I did say Samoa Joe. Looks like his injury wasn’t too serious!! That makes me happy, because I love seeing Joe in the ring!

Becky Lynch V. Asuka: This match was absolutely insane. I am usually not a fan of Asuka in the ring, but I was actually interested in watching her tonight. Becky retains the Raw Women’s Championship. Holy Shit! It’s Shayna Baszler!!!!! She just attacked Becky! And did she just bite Becky? So much blood, and so unrealistic. Is WWE trying to venture away from the PG era here? Whatever they are trying to do, they should just stop. That looked really bad.

Mojo Rawley & Riddick Moss V. Street Profits: I get so amped up when I hear the Street Profits entrance music! These guys are great on the mic and so much fun to watch in the ring! This was a quick match. Ford with the pin on Moss. But then Moss with the pin on Rawley? Moss is the new 24/7 Champion. But who cares about this title anymore? It’s only fun when Truth has it.

MVP and Drew McIntyre: MVP says that “some people” are saying that Drew isn’t ready to be champ. MVP gets a Glasgow kiss and Claymore kick. I feel like this whole segment wasn’t needed, but I’m so happy to see Drew finally getting the push he deserves. He seems more relaxed and comfortable on the mic.

Cedric Alexander V. Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega: Real quick match. After Humberto comes out and attacks Garza, Garza gets the pin on Cedric. It seems like Garza is getting a decent push and I’m okay with it. He is fun to watch in the ring.

Rhea Ripley is here! And Sarah Logan is challenging her to a match. This is awesome! It’s nice to see some new matches! Charlotte comes out to watch. Rhea is starring down Charlotte the whole time during her match. Rhea gets the pin and calls Charlotte out again because she still hasn’t given her an answer from last weeks Raw. Charlotte asks Rhea what makes her think she will still be NXT Women’s Champion after NXT TakeOver in Portland. She has a good point. Bianca BelAir has a good chance at winning this Sunday, but I feel like Rhea will still retain.

Bobby Lashley w/ Lana V. Ricochet: Going in to this match, I’m thinking Ricochet is going to win. They have to make him look strong in these next couple of weeks leading up to his match with Brock at Super Showdown. Decent match between these two. Ricochet with the win in the end. And one hell of a landing to his 630. That one had to hurt. Haha.

Next is Randy Orton to explain his actions from 2 weeks ago. He is getting ready to explain and Matt Hardys music hits. Matt comes out and is going on about making history with Edge. Randy attacks him and does the same thing to him, that he did to Edge. This still leaves us all with the question, why? Why attack Edge?

Ruby Riott says she knows the real Liv Morgan. She can change her hair and clothes, but she will always be a follower. And Ruby is here to show her. I am looking forward to seeing a match between these two.

Aleister Black V. Akira Tozawa: Black mass to Akira. I love seeing Aleister in the ring, but I am tired of seeing these quick matches. I would like to see more matches that are longer.

Becky is out here in the ring calling out Shayna. Why am I laughing at this right now? It’s that ridiculous. She said they gave her stuff to numb her up after the bite from Shayna. I can’t take this seriously. Haha.

Time for the main event! Ivar looks great and is stealing this match for me so far. His agility in the ring is incredible. This has been a hell of a match. Samoa Joe looked like he had the win in the bag, but Seth interfered with a Stomp and Murphy got the pin on Joe.

Overall, tonight’s Raw was pretty decent. Seems like they are getting stronger story lines and we are getting some new fresh matches. The thing I really didn’t care for tonight was the fake blood and them playing it up. It would’ve have looked way more believable if there wasn’t blood and they just had someone do really good makeup. And something I really enjoyed tonight, was the match between Asuka and Becky.

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