Welcome to the XFL!

After 19 long years the XFL has finally returned! For those of you that have been following bumwinebob.com from the beginning know my love and appreciation of all things XFL. Since the league closed up shop back in 2001, this past weekend was what we had been waiting for! XFL football is back "For The Love Of Football!"

I remember exactly where I was for the kickoff of the first XFL game on Saturday night 2/3/01. I sat in my friends basement in anticipation as I watched Vince McMahon stroll out onto the field and yell, "Welcome To THE XFL!" This time around there was none of that, the first game kicked off on 2/8/20 with no extra hoopla on a Saturday afternoon as I sat in my living room watching it. No gimmicks, just more football locked in until April 26.

Overall the games were fairly compelling and fun to watch. Sure, it's not the NFL and it will take some time to get to know the players, but it beats watching bowling on a Saturday or Sunday  afternoon in February. If you were a betting man like our good friend Dan Moore, you would have gone 3-1 picking the under for the first week of games. Will the XFL be able to keep the hype train rolling as the season continues? Stay tuned!

Check out the full detailed recaps of the first two days of XFL action below from the two newest XFL correspondents on the bWb team!

XFL Week One - Day Two Recap by Chris Belcher

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