IMPACT Wrestling Recap 3-17-20

IMPACT Wrestling 3-17-20
From Las Vegas, NV
Available on AXS TV and Twitch
By Dylan Hager

Tuesday Night Wraslin time!

This weeks show starts with a look back at Eddie vs Elgin from last week, and Tessa challenging them both for Rebellion.

Ken Shamrock will have a big announcement tonight, and there is a bunch of security because of the ICU stuff from the past month or so.

Title match to start the show!

IMPACT World Tag Team Title Match: The North (c) vs TJP and Fallah Bahh
The North did a great job of working over TJP early. Nobody is better than the champs at executing double team moves. Bahh came in and cleaned house, but The North used double team moves to regain the advantage. TJP made the hot tag, and both TJP and Bahh locked the champs in submission holds. Ethan tapped out, but the ref was distracted by Bahh and Josh. The North hit TJP with the Northern Assult for the win. Good way to open the show. IMPACT really needs a new challenger for The North. Winner: The North

Eddie Edwards announces his team for Lockdown. Now we know Lockdown has been postpones due to the Corona Virus, but this show was taped before the postponement was announced. Team Eddie was supposed to be Eddie, Tommy Dreamer, Daga, and Tessa Blanchard.

"Real Housewives of Slamtown" segment looking at Taya and Rosemary going to a party. Decent segment,but not a whole lot going on. I liked last weeks segment much better.

Chris Bey debut time!!

Chris Bey vs Damian Drake 
Bey wins an enhancement match. He looked great in his debut. I'm excited to see him against actual competition! Winner: Chris Bey

Time for this weeks IMPACT Plus Moment of the Week. We take a look at Ken Shamrock becoming the company's first World Champ on June 19, 2002.

Alisha Edwards approaches Jordynne Grace backstage and ask to be on her Lockdown team. Grace agrees. I kind of hate seeing so much promotion for a show that isn't happening as scheduled, but I understand IMPACT didn't have much time to edit the show.

Tenille Dashwood vignette. Can't wait for her to be back.

Gabby is backstage with Chase Stevens to hype the TNA show that was supposed to happen Mania weekend. Moose interrupts and calls him Bret Michaels, and the two start brawling.

Time for another Gut Check segment. "Shogun" Jackson Stone wins this season. Full episode available on IMPACT Plus.

Jimmy Jacobs backstage with IMPACT World Champion, Tessa Blanchard! Tessa talks about her feuds with Taya and Ace. Jimmy ask about defending her title against both Eddie and Elgin in a triple threat. Tessa says she'll take on anybody.

Joey Ryan, RVD, and Katie Forbes are out for the next match. Joey says the fans have lost the privilege of their gifts. RVD calls the crowd hypocrites.  He bashes the Deaners for competing after they've been drinking. Joey says their group is called "Cancel Culture."

Joey Ryan and RVD vs The Deaners
Joey is working a much different style. Cousin Jake got in some shine, but most of this match was Joey and Rob working over Cody. Cancel Culture picked up the win after a Ryan superkick and a frog splash from RVD. Winners: Joey Ryan and RVD

Gabby is backstage with Ken. Gabby ask about his announcement. Ken says IMPACT asked him to be there, so we'll all find out about the announcement at the same time.

Ace and Willie backstage. Ace says Willie impressed him at Hard to Kill. Ace wants to add the Tag Titles to his collection, and he wants Willie as his partner. Willie says Rich Swann is his partner. Willie says next week he's in a #1 Contenders match for Ace's X Division Title.

Kiera Hogan vs Lacy Ryan
Lacy is back after her impressive match against Jordynne Grace. Hogan attacked before the match started. Another really quick match on this show. Hogan dominated for the most part. Lacy got in some offense later in the match, but Hogan picked up the win with a Fisherman Suplex. Winner: Kiera Hogan

We see Su backstage. She has an invite from James Mitchel to fight Havok in the Undead Realm next week.

Michael Elgin announces his "Lockdown Team". Team Elgin is Elgin, Taya, and The North.

Jake Crist vs Daga
Very back and forth start to this match. Jake took the advantage on the outside of the ring. Daga made several comeback attempts with several roll ups, but Jake was able to maintain the advantage. Jake caught Daga coming off the top with a cutter, but Daga kicked out at two. Daga won with his gut-buster finisher. Solid match. Winner: Daga

Josh says security might have found a hacker backstage, and we see security removing a guy from the arena. Security calls Scott D'Amore, and Scott says that the guy is Ryan Cage.

Next week we have Tessa and Eddie vs Elgin and Taya, a six man scramble to determine the #1 Contender for the X Title, Sabu and Rhino vs OVE, and Su vs Havok.

Josh calls Ken Shamrock out to the ring. Ken talks about beating Fulton at Hard to Kill. Josh announces Shamrock as the newest member of the IMPACT Hall of Fame. They go to a video package, but it is interrupted by the ICU Hacker. Sami Callihan is in the ring and throws a fireball at Ken to end the show.

Got to be honest, I did not love tonight's show. It really dragged on in my opinion. It seems like we get one of these "just okay" shows once a month or so. Next week should be better with Tessa and Eddie vs Elgin and Taya and Su vs Havok!

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