The Krude Experience - Working Man

Working Man

"Working man's a sucka". Or so goes a line in the DeNiro flick A Bronx Tale. The line is spoken by a kid telling his father these words of truth. Good ginzo movie.

I work because I need to eat,sleep and have clothes on my back. Basic survival needs.Everything else is gravy. Do I really need to have a cell phone? No. Do I need to have a car? No. Do I need two day shipping on items I don't truly need? No. Life is much more than modern conveniences and high definition everything. Brain power is the only 'everything' that people need.

Sex is all about the brain first. Then the genitals do their thing. Thus begins the beginning of Us. We grow in mind and body until we are about 25 years old. Then we go to work. Until we die.

It is what happens between those plateaus that I often question.

Krude knows that his brain is never satisfied. Never content. Never willing to call it a day. Seeing so many people willing to go with the flow saddens me. Many of my oldest friends have settled into a lifestyle that is quite boring and monotonous. Watching their brains rot away is an easy observation. Ever wonder why so many people develop dementia when they get older? Stagnant brain functions over the course of decades could be the cause.

Working for a living is an oxymoron. Living,these days, IS working. Like serfs. What happened to the American Dream? Becoming a star athlete or famous actor isn't a feasible option for most. The Dream is gone. Forever. Get used to getting fingered by The Man. The real Man. Not Becky Lynch. And learn to like it.

When you come to the conclusion that the World is one big Work, life becomes a lot easier. Too much of our everyday existence is predetermined by powers you and I will never come to face to face with. Work is how we stay alive. Having fun is what makes us to want to remain alive. Use your brain. Think. Think beyond the obvious. Question everything. You'll be glad you did. Mahalo


Some people ride for free...


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