IMPACT Wrestling Recap 3-24-20

IMPACT Wrestling 3-24-20
From Las Vegas, NV
Available on AXS TV and Twitch
By Dylan Hager

Tuesday is one of my favorite nights of the week, and IMPACT is a big part of that.

This week started with a look at Sami Callihan's return last week, and his attack of Ken Shamrock right after Ken was announced for the IMPACT Hall of Fame.

Willie Mack vs Chris Bey vs Acey Romero vs Daga vs Rohit Raju vs Jake Crist vs Cousin Jake vs Trey
X Division Scramble started the show! The winner will be the #1 Contender for Ace Austin's X Division Title. The newcomer Chris Bey looked great early on in the match. All eight guys had a chance to shine before the match fell into complete chaos. Acey was taken off the top in a tower of doom spot. The match broke down into the typical X Division Scramble match, which not a complaint by any means. There was a ton of dives to the floor, including a massive dive by Romero. Cousin Jake had a pin on Jake Crist, but Willie Mack came off with a frog splash and pinned Cousin Jake for the win. Very good match! Give me Ace Austin vs Willie Mack! Winner: Willie Mack

Dave Christ and Madman Fulton backstage talking about getting back on a win streak. Jake comes up and says they need to get Sami back. Jake says that Sami is testing them.

Josh and Don run down the rest of the show. We still have Su vs Havok, OVE vs Sabu and Rhino, and Tessa and Eddie vs Elgin and Taya.

Moose vs Chase Stevens
Cool to see TNA Original Chase Stevens back in the ring. Loved The Naturals vs AMW back in the day. Chase put up a fight early, but Moose quickly hit the No Jackhammer Needed for the win. Winner: Moose

Moose continued to beat down Chase with a chair after the match. Scott D'Amore came down and distracted Moose. When Moose turned around, Suicide was in the ring and took out Moose.

Rosemary is at a bar somewhere. She complains about spending two years trying to get her revenge. Raven is there. He says the search for revenge last forever.

Ace and Reno Scum congratulate Willie backstage. Willie says he's going to take the title from Ace. Ace leaves, and Swinger comes up. Swinger challenges Willie to a title match if Willie wins.

Reno Scum vs The Rascalz
Scum attacked before the bell, and really controlled most of the match. The Rascalz did show plenty of fight, but Reno Scum won a relatively short match. I've got to consider this an upset. Is Scum being built for a match with The North? Where do The Rascalz go from here? Winner: Reno Scum

We see Su getting ready in the Undead Realm.

A Tenille Dashwood vignette airs, and it is time for the IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment of the Week. This week is LAX vs Team 3D from Sacrifice 2008!

Next we get a Cancel Culture segment with Joey talking about cancelling Cody Deaner.

The Deaners respond by Cody naming off a bunch of TV shows that have been canceled. The Deaners say Cody has to beat Joey next week.

Sami ICU style vignette. He talks about his upcoming match with Shamrock at Rebellion. (Rebellion has since been canceled. Thanks a lot Corona.)

Dave Crist and Madman Fulton vs Rhino and Sabu
This match was fought under "Old-school Rules," which I think just means ECW rules. Maybe? There was a lot of brawling on the floor. OVE worked over Sabu for a good portion of the match. Rhino made the hot tag and cleaned house. Rhino pinned Dave after a Gore. Not a very good match. Winners: Rhino and Sabu

Next we go to the Undead Realm for Su Yung vs Havok! Twitch didn't air most of this segment, so I can't really say what happened. At the end of the segment, Su and Havok were both banished to the Undead Wasteland.

Taya Valkyrie and Michael Elgin vs Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards
John E. Bravo is at ringside with Taya. Eddie and Elgin started out the match. Tessa and Eddie got off to a hot start, but Elgin and Taya soon gained the advantage on Eddie. Tessa made the hot tag and went right at Taya. Elgin came in and took out the champ. Elgin rent for a middle rope powerbomb, but Tessa countered with a rana. Tessa and Eddie both connected with suicide dives. Eddie hit Elgin with the Tiger Driver, but Elgin kicked out. Tessa went for Magnum on Elgin, but Elgin countered by powerbombing Tessa onto Eddie. Tessa hit a poison-rana on Elgin, but Taya came back in. Elgin laid out Tessa with a clothesline. Elgin pinned Eddie after a bucklebomb/Elgin-bomb combo. Great main event!! Winners: Michael Elgin and Taya Valkyrie

Back to the Undead Wasteland....or wherever Su and Havok were banished. Rosemary showed up and said she can undo what Mitchell did. Rosemary brings them back to the Undead Realm, and she leaves. Havok and Su visit Mitchell. Su tries to stab Mitchell, but Havok takes the knife and stabs Mitchell herself. It looks like James is actually dead? Maybe? Who knows?!

That is all for this week! Much better episode than last week. Great main event and a very solid opener. I actually enjoy the Undead Realm storyline. Good stuff!

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