Top Five: Cobra Kai Episodes

Cobra Kai - Top Five
by Dennis DuBay

The Karate Kid franchise is one that I hold dear to my heart. When I say franchise, it ends with Part II. Do not speak to me about The Next Karate Kid nor that abortion of a movie starring Jackie Chan and Fresh Prince's kid.

Why do I love the franchise so much? Easy. Ali. And even without Elisabeth Shue's actual presence on camera - the first two seasons of Cobra Kai are centered around her, Johnny and Daniel.

For Johnny, more than anything, she's the one that got away. Losing the All Valley tournament sucked, but losing Ali was worse. He can't move on, because Mr. LaRussa is a big time car dealer now with big ass billboards all over to remind Johnny.

Johnny is an out of work alcoholic who eats bologna sandwiches for breakfast. That reminds me, I need to pick up some bologna. Well, order it, since we're all quarantined.

Anyways, fast forward and no Johnny is back in the karate game with a new protege who just happens to be LaRussa's daughter; oh, Johnny has a kid of his own who happens to take a job with ... you guessed, LaRussa. OH, and yeah, Danny's daughter ends up in a car that wrecks Johnny's - sending his car to LaRusso to fix.

I lived in California ... the odds of all this happening don't seem good, but here we are, and i'm okay with it. Johnny opens Cobra Kai back up and .. well, you've seen the show, or you wouldn't be reading this. This is my top five episodes of Cobra Kai.

5. "Take a Right" Season 2, Episode 6

This one hit me in the heart. Johnny and the old Cobra Kai reunite - one of their own is sick and doesn't have much time left.

MEANWHILE Kreese is undoing everything Johnny is putting together, plotting a coup.

It was nice to see the whole gang back together and to see how the others had grown up, moved away from the Cobra Kai mentalities. I think it was eye opening for Johnny - but not enough to keep him away from Kreeese.

4.  "No Mercy" Season 2, Episode 10

The season two finale would have been higher up, if not for that ridiculous ending to what was an UNBELIEVABLE fight scene. I mean, it was awesome.

Tory calling Samantha out on the PA system was both awesome and fucking hot at the same time. I can say that, I looked up their ages before hand. They legal. Calm down, my friends. From there the whole got damned school erupts in violence and karate.

But then the fall happens. And I'm like ... what the fuck is that nonsense. The story better be worth that!

3.  "Different but Same" Season 1, Episode 9

What if Johnny and Daniel had become friends? This episode kind of toys with that idea as Daniel finds out Samantha was involved with Johnny's cherished Pontiac Firebird being wrecked. Johnny is given a car - but not before it passes a test drive with Johnny and Daniel.

They drink beers and they remember the days of old - but the blossoming new friendship crumbles as Johnny finds out Robby is working for Daniel.

2. "Ace Degenerate" Season 1, Episode 1

The first episode of the series brings us up-to-date with our heroes/villains. Johnny has fallen on his luck - maybe he's never rebounded from getting choked out by Kreese after the All Valley tournament. Maybe he did but life kept handing him defeats and he finally just gave up - stories to explore as the seasons go on.

On the other side, Danny has a beautiful wife, two kids and a multi-million dollar business selling cars. I mean ... who's the asshole, really?

1. "Fire and Ice" Season 2, Episode 3

The strength of Cobra Kai lays in it's ability to mix humor and gripping drama with ease. In what is my favorite moments of the show, Johnny learns about the internet. And of course, he reverts to being a 15 year old kid looking for boobies and violence, and conspiracy videos. It's just a fun little segment that ends when Daniel's "Miyagi-Do" karate ad.

The show ends with Cobra Kai interrupting a performance of Miyagi Do at Valley Fest. It really felt like i was back watching Karate Kid, it had that feel. The stare down between Daniel & Johnny made it even better.

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