SmackDown Live Recap for 3/20/20

Smackdown Live! Recap by Kyle Combs

The road to WrestleMania continues through the WWE Performance Center, Live for Friday Night Smackdown. WrestleMania is allegedly two nights, April 4th and 5th. Personally, waiting and having a summer Mania would be a lot of fun, but the show must go on.

Mojo Rawley joined Michael Cole in the ring and he immediately took the mic from Cole, which when Cole’s a heel is always great but I don’t mind listening to him when he’s not a heel. Gronk came out like a moron on spring break in a quarantined Miami (if you haven’t seen that, google it) to some crazy house dance music. Gronk tried really hard on the mic and for the first time ever, seeing King Corbin was quite refreshing. Honestly, Gronk did alright, I can see this guy doing pretty well in WWE.

The King demanded Gronk and Mojo to bow down to the king. Corbin promised their party would be over, and again the WWE universe, from their homes, was ready to walk with Elias. A weird bro-down occurred in the ring after Elias shredded his axe and the King was taken down by Gronk, Mojo and Elias.

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak vs. Shinsuke and Cesaro

Drew and Shinsuke started the match off. Shinsuke quickly got Cesaro in there after he took control early. Cesaro picked up right where Shinsuke left off. Drew was able to get a tag into Bryan. Bryan was bum rushed by Cesaro but a smooth reverse gave him control, forcing Cesaro to tag Shinsuke back in. Cesaro and Shinsuke continued rapid fire tags working Bryan over in the ring.

Bryan continued to get worked over by the rapid fire tags and the strong offense of Cesaro and the insane offense by Shinsuke. Bryan was in trouble for a large chunk of the match. The most dramatic moment in the match came when Cesaro and Bryan both tagged their partners in. Drew came in like a ball of fire, completely taking Shinsuke off guard. Shinsuke had a slick arm bar which Drew reversed but it didn’t last long. Shinsuke got Cesaro tagged in and he launched Drew to the ceiling and landed an epic uppercut.

The rapid fire tags continued between the team artist collective. Cesaro showed a lot of great offense as he continued to beat Drew down. Drew finally got the tag to Bryan and that led to a three count by Bryan after landing a sunset flip from the top rope. This match was classic tag team wrestling and a blast to watch. It’s also fun to listen to Sami on commentary.

Backstage Promo

Drew and Daniel Bryan were in the back stretching together and Sami and friends disrupted their group stretching session. Sami can deliver a million words a minute and never stumble. He called Drew a nobody which Drew didn’t like but Bryan held him back. Bryan challenged Sami to an IC championship match at WrestleMania. Sami stated that if Drew can take on the artist, Shinsuke Nakamura in a one on one match next week and win, then the IC title will be on the line at WrestleMania.

Paige Promo with Bayley and Sasha Banks

Paige was live via Skype from Los Angeles. Bayley and Sasha interrupted immediately and kicked Cole out of the ring. The heat between them is real. Bayley said she is the best Smackdown women’s champion and she asked Paige to do something about it but she can’t, awww so sad. Great heel work from Bayley. Paige announced her match for WrestleMania. Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke. Bayley made a Tamina joke, “Does she even work here anymore?” The match continued to grow, Tamina became a part of it. Naomi was thrown into the mix, Paige was enjoying that way too much. Sasha grabbed the mic which definitely got Paige’s attention and the 6-pack challenge is now official. Sasha Banks is the last opponent for Bayley.

This was a great way to set that up, Bayley left the ring immediately but Sasha stayed behind and the smile on her face said their friendship could be over. You know the boss will bring it. This could be an absolutely stellar matchup. Friendships will be tested, the lines are drawn. Next week will be interesting to see how Sasha and Bayley interact.

WrestleMania 30 Match between Bray Wyatt and John Cena

Filler for the show. If you haven’t seen this match, check it out. Bray Wyatt is the master of mind games. After the match, WWE showed last week’s awesome promo between Bray and Cena in the empty arena. It was haunting. Let’s hope WWE doesn’t ruin Bray Wyatt again. The Fiend is the best thing going.

Kayla Braxton with Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross

Nikki cut Kayla off and snatched the mic. She lost it but Alexa kept calm and cool and took the mic. Again, Alexa on the mic equals good, remember that WWE. Alexa has a wide open schedule next week, and Alexa challenged Asuka to a one on one match. Great promo, it was quick, Alexa was pissed and it was just awesome. I am an Alexa Bliss fanboy, hi my name’s Kyle.

Miz and Morrison with The Dirt Sheet

Hey, Miz is not the most must see WWE superstar but it’s okay, he can have his fantasies. They stated they already beat everyone at the elimination chamber. They are still playing to the “audience” only two weeks and it’s kind of tired. What happened next though was actually kind of funny. Miz and Morrison dressed up in New Day apparel, the Usos apparel, Heavy Machinery (dressed as bacon which was quite funny), and recorded some pretty funny spots in the audience.

Heavy Machinery was done with it and made their way to the ring.

Miz and Morrison vs. Heavy Machinery

Miz and Otis kicked the match off. This was during the commercial break so Miz tagged Morrison in soon after the show returned. Morrison can’t beat the jiggle, when Otis is in the zone, stay out of the way. Otis ate strikes from Morrison like they were hams. Morrison kept up the offense but it was essentially ineffective. Tucker tagged himself in, Otis handed Morrison over to Tucker from the vertical suplex position and Morrison ate the canvas.

Morrison was able to sneak away and tag Miz back in. The double team was real as Heavy Machinery dominated and completely took Miz and Morrison out of the game. All 320 pounds of Tucker flipped onto Miz and Morrison outside the ring. Heavy Machinery dominated but when Miz got back in the ring, he Irish whipped Tucker over to the ropes and Morrison pulled the top rope down to launch Tucker over.

The champs started a double team of their own and drained all momentum from blue collar solid. Morrison’s offense was furious and fast like it always is. The champs, in control. Tucker finally fought back after Miz and Morrison show boated a little bit. Dolph Ziggler came out ring side and when his music popped Otis completely lost focus. Dolph joined Cole on commentary.

Tucker kept things going, double vertical suplex right after the commercial break. Tucker finally got Otis tagged in and Otis did some work. The ham and slam was able to double sandwich the champs against the turnbuckle. Before the caterpillar, Dolph stepped in and disrupted Otis with some pictures of he and Mandy together, a shitty move but amazing heel work as always from Dolph. Otis had heard enough, and went after Dolph. Dolph tried to escape but Otis grabbed him and tossed him over the barrier. Miz and Morrison took advantage of the distraction.

Otis completely lost it after this, driving Morrison into the steel steps and then beating Miz senseless against the announce table, then was thrown first into the ring post. Morrison jumped at Otis but was grabbed mid air and also slammed into the ring post. Otis kept up the distraction and drove the champs through the barrier, he grabbed a chair but was talked off the ledge by Tucker, for a second but Otis couldn’t take it. He used the chair on the champs. Tucker did everything he could to stop the destruction. The moment was emotional as Tucker finally got Otis under control, wow Otis and Dolph need to meet and Otis needs to get his peach when this is all said and done. We all know Dolph sent the text saying Mandy was going to be late. I’m sorry I just can’t let it go.

Roman Reigns and Goldberg

Goldberg came to the ring with his quickest entrance ever, I swear he’s still walking to the ring at Halloween Havoc ‘98. Goldberg and Roman both threw their chairs outside the ring because to hell with those chairs and you don’t need a chair to sign a contract for a fight! Goldberg was hoping it would be Roman Reigns the whole time when he asked, “Who’s next?”

Cole asked Roman why he took the challenge. And he stated all the greats have chosen him, and they’ve all lost to him. Roman signed the contract first, it’s his yard Goldberg. Goldberg delivered the most 90’s wrestler response ever, set the mic down and also signed the contract. Goldberg decided to flip the table after because furniture can go to hell and SCREW ITSELF! They had a stare down and this one is official folks.

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We can only hope this is all over soon, we all need some normalcy. This Smackdown was different than last week, the tone was more serious. Cole did a good job handling the duties by himself. Overall I enjoyed the episode, just not as fun as last week.

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