GCW Presents ‘Acid Cup 2’ (Night 2) on IWTV

GCW Presents ‘Acid Cup 2’ (Night 2)
Live from an undisclosed location known as the GCW Performance Center
Streaming on IWTV.live
Donate to the Locker Room via indiegogo
March 21, 2020

If you didn’t catch Night 1 of this year’s Acid Cup, be sure to check out my review of it all and then head over to IWTV to watch it from beginning to end!

Night 2 brings back Joey Janela on commentary, and damn he works hard. Who else can call matches, smoke cigarettes, and get undressed and then dressed out in gear all in the same spot? The Bad Boy, by God. That’s who can do it.

Match Results:
Acid Cup Round Two-
Shane Mercer defeated KTB
Blake Christian defeated Matthew Justice
Chris Dickinson defeated Allie Kat
Jordan Oliver defeated Nick Gage (via interference)

Social Distance Rules Match-
Joey Janela defeated Jimmy Lloyd (this match is the content you came for, trust me)

Semifinal Round-
Chris Dickinson defeated Shane Mercer
Blake Christian defeated Jordan Oliver

Return of the Clusterfuck-
Nick Gage wins the Clusterfuck after eliminating Pitbull (that’s right, Pitbull)

Acid Cup Final-
Chris Dickinson wins the Acid Cup after defeating Blake Christian

Show Synopsis:
Oh me, oh, my...that Social Distance Rules match was everything I’ve come to love and expect from GCW. It’s pretty safe to say that the right people will adore that match as much as I did and the same people who hate everything about GCW will hate anything Joey Janela or Jimmy Lloyd does (but fuck them, right?). All said and done, though - the Clusterfuck match and the Social Distance Rules match are two that I would show to a lapsed fan if they’re ever interested in what I think is cool in wrestling these days.

We need a laugh sometimes, damn it. Especially now. Thank you, Joey.

The second round of the Acid Cup tournament saw Shane Mercer defeating KTB, Blake Christian winning against Matthew Justice, Chris Dickinson defeating Allie Kat, and Jordan Oliver got a win via interference over Nick Gage after Ellis Taylor and Atticus Cogar went after Gage near the end of the match.

In the semifinal round of the tournament, Mercer defeated Dickinson in a heavy-hitter of a bout and Christian defeated Oliver in an excellent follow-up to their first match against each other. This led up to Blake Christian vs. Chris Dickinson for the Acid Cup final round. This was one of my favorite Blake Christian matches despite the overwhelming amount of punishment he took from the Dirty Daddy. In the end it was a Pazuzu Bomb that leveled ‘All Heart’ and allowed Dickinson to get the pinfall victory; what an amazing (and amazingly brutal) final round this was, indeed.

Closing Thoughts:
After Night 2 was over I realized that it had been trending in the US on Twitter. This news along with the info that Night 1 was one of the highest-watched live streams on IWTV made me incredibly happy to support a promotion like GCW. Wrestling fans are out there at the moment holding out for something to entertain them, and for GCW to come through with this show at a time where it seems like all has fallen apart is a testimony to the strength of the promotion’s ardor and passion for pro wrestling. Don't forget to donate to the cause!

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