AEW Dynamite Recap - 4/8/20: Rhodes v. Spears

AEW Dynamite Review 4-8-20                     Use for all of your PPV needs! 

By: Maria Rose

This weeks AEW Dynamite opens with Jake Roberts comparing being in the ring with Lance Archer to stepping in front of a train or jumping out of a plane without a parachute. He also doesn’t think Cody will win against Shawn Spears.

The first match was Lance Archer vs Dead Meat. A quick match that Archer obviously wins to show his strength.

Next match was Britt Baker vs Hikaru Shida. This was a great match. Shida is really a strong competitor and I think Britt Baker did an outstanding job. Britt Baker got busted open during the match and Shida picked up the win. Shida has won 8 out of 9 matches now. Impressive. I’ve been enjoying her matches more and more lately.

We see Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa talking about how they should be called Best Friends. Nakazawa almost convinces Kenny they should be called Best Friends when Trent, Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy come out and they argue about it.

We then get a video package for Jake Hager and Jon Moxleys match next week for the AEW world Championship. It was very well put together and gets you hyped for their match.

The third match was Best Friends with Orange Cassidy vs Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa. This was a good match and I especially enjoyed Nakazawa and Kenny teaming up, but Best Friends got the win. Shawn Spears yelling about Nagasawa’s oil was hilarious as well.

We once again see Brodie Lee showing his authority to his minions. He said he wants to make every single life he touches, extraordinary.

A bloody Britt Baker shows up backstage basically just to remind us that she is a dentist.

Matt Hardy cuts an incredibly funny promo on The Inner Circle from the Hardy Compound. He then asks Jericho to join him on the Hardy Compound for an Elite Deletion Match. Looking forward to that!

Up next was The Exalted One Brodie Lee vs Lee Johnson. Brodie picked up the win pretty quickly and went over by Marko Stunt and just looked at him. He should leave Marko Stunt alone!

The Main Event was the TNT Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match.

Shawn Spears vs Cody Rhodes. In my opinion this was the best match of the night. Shawn Spears got to show more of the skills he has, and the match flowed pretty well. I was happy to see Shawn Spears back on AEW Dynamite and I really wanted him to win. Cody ended up winning by pinning him using the Figure Four. I don’t remember if or when that has ever happened, but it was a good ending to the show.

As less people are able to travel, I think the shows that are being put out are still entertaining on all ends of pro wrestling. They don’t have to give us the shows they are, but I appreciate it. Just can’t wait for all of this to be over and we can go back to whatever your normal looks like. Be back next week for another review! Stay safe everyone!

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