[Interview] Faces of Independent Wrestling: Referee Ryan T

Faces Of Independent Wrestling w/ Referee Ryan T!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of interviewing referee Ryan T! We talk about refereeing, his favorite match to referee, his volunteer work and much more!

Dallas: For those who may not be familiar with Ryan T, can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Ryan T: Hi! Thank you for having me for this interview. It is highly appreciated. I am an independent pro wrestling referee based out of NJ. I made my debut January 2006 as a ref and my wrestling debut January 2008. I Ref for many different companies such as HOH, GCW, ICW NY, Synergy, Stand Alone Wrestling and UWA Elite. This is now my 14 year as a referee.

Dallas: Thank you for doing the interview! My first time seeing you referee was in GCW, did you always want to become a referee or was it a role that an opportunity just presented itself for you?

Ryan T: Awesome! I always wanted to referee. I am very detailed oriented and it is something I loved doing since my first day or training.

Dallas: That's awesome! Referees in my opinion are one of the most important parts to a wrestling match. What's been the most rewarding part of refereeing for you?

Ryan T: Trust. Knowing that there are so many people, friends and companies that trust and believe in my work and hustle. People have questioned that I never take a break how are you not tired? I work 40 to 60 hours a week Wednesday to Saturday. As soon as I’m done with work, I drive myself to every event with my gear in my car. I also volunteer for The Valerie Fund Children’s Hospital and volunteer at my church on Sunday mornings. That’s why I call myself the Energizer Referee because I wanted to show everyone that this is my hustle. I want this to be a full time career

Dallas: Man, I have so much respect for the hustle you have to make this your full time career! Let's take a moment to talk about your volunteer work, what kind of volunteer work do you for the hospital and your church?

Ryan T: I do volunteer work for The Valerie Fund I do supply drives and toy drives for the kids who are battling. I had leukemia as a kid and was treated by The Valerie Fund. I volunteer at their camp each year called Camp Happy Times as well. A camp for kids who have or had cancer or blood disorders. I love giving back and giving back is what I am all about. I volunteer at my Liquid Church and teach kids about different topics and volunteer with kids with special needs that go to the Church. My goal in life is to make people happy. That’s it.

Dallas: Man, thank you for everything you do and giving back any chance you get! You're an inspiration to me in a time in the world where inspiration is needed! Getting back on track to wrestling, What's been the most fun you've had refereeing a match?

Ryan T: Thank you! The most fun I ever had refereeing a match was HOH Tommy Dreamer vs Cody. It was the first time they wrestled each other one on one It was an amazing match with a great story.

Dallas: I remember watching that match, what an incredible match that was! It's unbelievable Tommy Dreamer is still performing at the level he's performing given how long he's been in the business!

Cody's also made quite a name for himself since that match!

You said you made your wrestling debut in 2008, what made you want to train to become a wrestler?

Ryan T: Always wanted to try.  I knew it would help me become a better referee as well. For years I would wrestle and ref. I just love pro wrestling in general. I want to always build my resume and be a utility player. However I can benefit a company I’m there.  From ring crew, commentary, ring announcing, wrestling or refereeing, I’m there.

Dallas: That's so awesome! Being a master of all trades always comes in handy! Whose somebody on the independent scene you really want to wrestle?

Ryan T: Matt Vertigo.  Upcoming talent that everyone should know about. He can wrestle any style.

Dallas: I personally never heard of him, but after seeing a match of his last night. He's an incredible performer, I really hope to see that match someday and to see more of him!

What are your goals in wrestling for the rest of the year?

Ryan T: I want pro wrestling to be my career in any way possible. As a ref or in anyway I can contribute to a company.

Dallas: Thank you so much for your time, is there anything else you'd like to say to the readers at home?

Ryan T: Thank you as well! One last thing is thank you to everyone who supports myself and wrestling in general!  Have an awesome day!

You can follow Ryan T on twitter at @RefRyanT

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