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Krude is quite the opinionated motherfucker. I do not deny that fact. I always stand by my well researched opinions. Though if and when I put my convictions behind something that is proven contrary to my belief,I will admit my mistake and move on. Learning didn't stop for me when I was 22 years old... Knowledge is power. And impresses chicks when I engage in 'serious' conversation. Having the gift of gab has its carnal advantages,to say the least.

I do not get paid to write my opinions about the arts. There are people that DO get paid to write their opinions about art. They are known as professional critics. These are the people who are paid to tell you what you like and why you should like it. Problem is, most of these 'critics' don't know their ass from their ear lobes about what they are criticizing. They just write a very positive or very negative piece about whatever subject paves the way to their paycheck clearing. I hate professional critics. I've met a few too. Asshole nerds in print are asshole nerds in person. Verified

Recently,I noticed a few articles floating around social media proclaiming R.E.M. as the Greatest American Rock Band of all time. These articles were not just random blogs getting a few retweets. These were articles from major music publications. R.E.M. is not a great rock band by any stretch. They have loooong been over rated by 'critics'.What R.E.M. is/was to the rock world was a nerdy,competent college rock band with a few catchy tunes. With a lead singer who mumbles. Ooooh, how alternative. Fuck R.E.M. They suck. I know. I saw them in concert in 1989. Lame as lame can be. Rock n' roll it wasn't. Verified

I recall back in the late 1980s, Rolling Stone magazine was jizzing themselves over a band called Hothouse Flowers. They are a band from Ireland that was a favorite of Bono from U2. They were touted by RS as being the Next Big Thing in music. Ever heard of this band? Doubt it. They still make music once in a while. But the critics got it wrong back then. Very wrong. Hothouse Flowers were large hype coupled with very small return. The songs just weren't very good. Guess Bono cast a spell on a few writers to say nice things about a mediocre band. Money talks. Always.

Like what you like. There is no such thing as a 'guilty' pleasure. Pleasure is pleasure. Make it last. Make life a blast!

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