Ring of Honor TV Recap: Episode 447

Ring of Honor TV: Episode 447
By Dylan Hager

He's not human (clap clap clap clap clap)!

PCO is the subject of this weeks ROH TV.

This week starts with PCO talking about his journey to ROH. Next we look at the Villain Enterprise vs Briscoe Brothers feud, and Brody and PCO winning the Tag Titles. PCO then talks about facing Marty in the #1 Contenders Tournament at Glory by Honor.

Marty Scurll vs PCO
This is the finals of the #1 Contenders Tournament from Glory by Honor 2019. The winner would go on to challenge Rush at Final Battle. This match never really clicked for me. I didn't really like it live, and it wasn't any better the second time around. Glory by Honor was one of the last shows before ROH started to turn things around. Todd Sinclair was taken out multiple times, Marty used his umbrella, and both Flip and Brody interfered on Marty's behalf, but PCO kept fighting. PCO won with the PCO-sault.  Lanny Poffo was a guest on commentary, and he only took away from the match. I love both Marty and PCO, but this match just didn't do it for me. Flip and Brody interfere, but after the match everybody is friends again? Not for me. Winner: PCO

PCO talks about his World Title match with Rush, and that match is next!

ROH World Title: Rush (c) vs PCO
This is the main event from Final Battle 2019. Again, I didn't particularly enjoy this match. There was a ton of brawling outside the ring, and a lot of weapons used. PCO kept coming back after everything Rush through at him. PCO was revived by jumper cables and car battery, and PCO and Rush proceeded to fight on top of the car. PCO hit the PCO-sault, but Rush kicked out. PCO then hit a chokeslam and PCO-sault through a table for the win. Winner: PCO

I get that these are PCO's biggest wins in ROH, but I'm not a fan of either match. I really do like PCO, but these matches came at probably the lowest point of my ROH fandom. I do still like the current format of the show. Dedicating each show to a particular wrestler or team is good filler during this Corona season, and it is a good way to introduce the roster to new fans. I believe Matt Taven is the featured star next week.

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