WWE SmackDown Recap 4/10/20

SmackDown Recap by Kyle Combs 

Smackdown Live comes to us again from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. This marks the first Smackdown removed from the incredible WrestleMania 36, I had one complaint on that show and you will hear about that real soon. The first order of business is Cole was joined by Graves, as great as Cole has been keeping us moving, it’s great that they are back together.

Braun Strowman kicked the show off, and for Braun he did okay on the mic, he held his own. Shinsuke interrupted his party and came out to challenge Strowman to a match, using his opportunity knocks metaphor against him. If you thought Shinsuke was alone you are sadly mistaken and why in the hell would you think that? Anyway, Cesaro snuck up behind Braun when he was exchanging words with Shinsuke but he got caught by Bruan and promptly relocated over the top rope by the ring barrier. Shinsuke got a few licks in but Braun hung in there, he was the last man standing in the ring. My only complaint from WrestleMania was Braun squashing Goldberg, makes the Fiend not look all that powerful. The Fiend doesn’t need the belt to be incredible, he needs to squash opponents, you see where I’m going here? Chainsaw deathmatch in a local hooters, Fiend vs Braun.

Women’s tag team WrestleMania rematch - Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The Kabuki Warriors

This match kicked off WrestleMania and it was a doozy there and it was a doozy here too. The physicality of this match was just as physical as it was at ‘Mania and that’s a great thing. The chemistry between these four in the ring is top notch. The Kabuki warriors started this match on fire and were in control of the majority of it. Alexa took a whoopin’ early and it took her until right before the commercial break to tag in Nikki.

Nikki had a burst of momentum but lost it quickly to the relentless fast tags and brutal double team the feared Kabuki Warriors are known for. The two kept up the pressure, they did a great job of isolating whoever was in the ring from Bliss and Cross. This was the theme throughout the match with some insanely physical bumps. A turning point was when Alexa was tagged back in and she landed a twisted bliss on both of the Kabuki Warriors on the outside of the ring. This followed a brilliant bulldog by Nikki which allowed Alexa to become legal after she was tagged back in.

Alexa got Kairi back in the ring and was able to tag Nikki back in who hit a swinging neck breaker and got the three count. Killer match.

Elias cut a promo and I’m sure that if their was an audience they would’ve wanted to walk with Elias. He wrote a great song, referencing Simba even, and sang it from atop the perch he was “This Is Sparta’d!” off of.

We all go to celebrate the greatest love story in the history of WWE with Mandy and Otis. This video package had a great lead into what occurred at WrestleMania, check out my night two recap to get a load of what happened and if you haven’t, please watch it.

Dolph Ziggler vs Tucker

This match was all about revenge for Tucker and another insanely physical match. Remember not too long ago, Dolph disposed of Tucker using the ring steps. Dolph came out with Sonya, they started the match yelling at Graves and Cole saying they are only caring about what’s best for Mandy. Tucker cut them off and dropped a killer promo and reminded Dolph that he was smitten with his boy Otis’s kitten, Mandy.

These guys went at it hard as hell and Sonya proved she is beyond dangerous and always a wildcard. She put on a master class of referee distractions which played a huge part in this match. Tucker controlled 99% of the match, he threw Dolph around the ring, out of the ring and even slammed him on the announce table. Revenge took it’s toll though, Tucker was too caught up in revenge. He took apart the ring steps but his vision wasn’t clear. Soon after this match returned inside the ring, he kept powering Dolph, but he’s slippery and he slid out, landed a super kick and got the three count.

It’s obvious this feud is hotter than ever. I can’t wait to see where it goes, but my incredibly bias fanboy wants Tucker to get his revenge at some point.

The Dirt Sheet Promo

Well this happened, Miz and Morrison did a WrestleMania recap and ended up with a horribly cringe-inducing rap song, their “hit single” called “Hey Hey”. I have never been so happy to see the Uso’s as they interrupted and soon after they were interrupted by the new day. Kofi announced that next week there will be a triple threat match. Big E vs. Miz vs. Jay Uso for the Smackdown tag team titles.

My only thought here is the Smackdown tag team picture is, sad to say the least. There’s literally three teams. I don’t know where this goes, but I really don’t see the new day winning again, not yet. I wonder if WWE is waiting for Kofi mania to kick in again, personally I think seeing Big E on the singles scene would be a blast.

Lucha House Party vs The Forgotten Sons

The Forgotten Sons are NXT call ups and after the previous paragraph mentioning the Smackdown tag team scene, it’s refreshing to see these guys. These two teams couldn’t be any more different and it’s not just the obvious size differences but the styles. Lucha House Party had early success with their high flying offense but the power and cohesiveness of the forgotten sons was the difference maker. This was a great match and not a complete squash which was refreshing. Hopefully the tag team division is on the rise.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross backstage

This promo was really cool and it was quick. Nikki told Alexa she feels unbeatable now. Dana Brooke and Carmella interrupted and challenged for the tag team titles. Alexa and Nikki had a sidebar, while Alexa was trying to be tactful and over-excited Nikki said they accepted the challenge, so next week, the tag titles are on the line again. I think it would be foolish for Bliss and Cross to drop them.

Boss Time and the Champ

This was so good I had to watch it again. To say the fragile friendship between Sasha and Bayley is an understatement. Bayley called out Paige for trying to ruin her WrestleMania and her friendship with Sasha. Things seemed okay between the two, right when Sasha said nobody will understand their friendship Tamina came to the ring.

This was funny, Sasha started talking crap and Tamina bucked up on her. Sasha stood behind Bayley, “Hold me back” they are great on the mic. Sasha said that there’s a pecking order and she can’t just come out of whatever coconut shell she’d been hiding under and jump the line. Bayley agreed and threw Sasha to the wolves. Next week, Sasha vs Tamina and if Tamina wins, she gets Bayley in a one on one match for the title. Sasha and Bayley are close to done at this time, I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Sheamus vs Cal Bloom

This was a complete squash along the lines of Rowan and all those randos he was destroying there for a few weeks. Sheamus landed a brogue kick after about a 45 second match for the win. Sheamus doesn’t have to prove himself, get him in the mix.

Jeff Hardy Video Package

I don’t have a lot to say here, dude’s a legend, it was a nice set of highlights for the upcoming special on Jeff Hardy.

Next week will be insane. Money in the bank ladder match qualifying matches as well as Sonya attempting to clear the air with Mandy. You know her and Dolph have something planned to make Otis and potentially Tucker look bad. It’s giving me anxiety already.

Braun Strowman vs Shinsuke

Shinsuke was accompanied to the ring by Cesaro, no Sami in sight. Braun used his power in a big way as he tossed Shinsuke from one post to the other. Shinsuke ended up outside and wanted to use Cesaro as a distraction, it didn’t work. Shinsuke was thrown into the ring by Braun and Cesaro ran his mouth, distracting Braun enough for Shinsuke to land a solid kick. Braun tossed Shinsuke completely unphased, this led to a commercial break.

The Braun train kept going ahead at full steam, Shinsuke couldn’t get anything going until Cesaro was able to land a kick from the ring apron. It was a one-two from Cesaro and Shinsuke. Braun was in a headlock, but he easily stood up and slammed Shinsuke right in the center of the ring, he crawled to the ring post and ate a clothesline. Cesaro kept trying to distract and inflict damage on Braun but he wasn’t having it, Shinsuke was taking the most punishment.

Shinsuke went outside which does that ever work against Braun? Not when the Strowman express gets downhill. Braun trucked Cesaro over the barrier and ended back up in the ring, Shinsuke landed a knee strike, Braun kicked out at two. Shinsuke lined up for a running knee strike only to be caught and slammed in the middle of the ring and fell to a three count.

The Firefly Funhouse interrupted Braun and his victory over Shinsuke. Bray gave us a recap of the Firefly Funhouse match and if you haven’t seen it, what in the hell are you doing? Bray turned his sights to Braun. Bray brought Braun in, gave him a home but he turned his back on him. Bray can forgive him but the Fiend can’t. Bray said to Braun that he needed to say he was sorry, Braun refused to play the games. Why not learn a lesson in sharing? Bray wants that belt back, it’s time to learn a lesson in sharing Braun. “When one circle closes, another begins again.” Bray said since he brought him into this world, he’s going to have to take him out.

Braun said he’s ready to “let you in” whenever he wants.

This was the first Smackdown post WrestleMania and it had to be good. The live format made it feel like the way it should feel, this was a fun episode. Not as intimate as the past few weeks. Bray absolutely has to demolish Braun by the way.

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