Getting HARD with Four Loko Sour Mango Seltzer

Four Loko Hard Seltzer Sour Mango is on tap as the malt beverage of the week, and to celebrate Bum Wine Bob joined Aaron and Uncle on Uncle (the podcast) to crack it open for a live taste test! Aaron and Uncle bring along some White Claw Mango Hard Seltzer and now it's MANGOMANIA, BROTHER!

What's the verdict for the Four Loko hard seltzer taste test? What rating does Aaron and Uncle give the White Claw Mango Hard Seltzer? How long will the hard seltzer fad last? Potential beer and food pairings? Check out the results on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat and make sure to check out the entire show on the Uncle (the podcast) once it hits the podcast feed!

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Stay tuned to for the first installment of "To Drink or Not to Drink?" featuring Bud Light Lemonade and Bud Light Lemon Tea! Cheers!

Listen to "Getting HARD with Four Loko Sour Mango Seltzer" on Spreaker.

 Check out the entire episode of Uncle (the podcast) below as Bum Wine Bob returns to the broadcast to do a review of 4 Loko Sour Mango Hard Seltzer. Uncle and Aaron have a White Claw Mango Hard Seltzer. Which, if any, mango will reign supreme?

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