Crack whores, Bruno Sammartino & Alfredo.

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After I graduated in 95, I did what most dudes my age did. I floundered from dead end job to dead end job, started drinking during the days and fucking nameless chicks by days end.

Eventually I got kicked out and had to find somewhere to live. I bounced around from couch to couch and ended up living in a crack house in Port Charlotte, Florida.

One weekend we rented a van and drove to Pittsburgh, Pa to get away from the dealers and the crack whores looking for ten bucks a suck.

One of the best times I ever had was at my buddies dad's house. It was a run down, lived in place down the road a couple blocks from a place called O's - At least, I think it was called O's - it's since been shut down.  I don't remember a lot about the trip, to be honest. As soon as we got to Pittsburgh, i started drinking Iron City beer like it was good.

It's not.

His Dad was sitting in his lazy boy chair, watching tapes of wrestling - old matches. Namely Bruno Sammartino matches from WWWF - probably from like the MSN network or some shit. I don't remember.

I just remember he was drinking warm beers - well, cool beers. They weren't refrigerated, but they were out on the patio and it was probably September, if I remember right.

Not regular bottles, either - big ass bottles. They seemed bigger than 40 ouncers too. Anyways, I'd never really watched any Bruno matches - and If i'm being honest, I was probably bored at the time with the actual wrestling.

But watching this old dude power down warm beers and sitting on the edge of his seat years after these matches took place was mesmerizing to me.

Less mesmerizing was how he ate like four plates of alredo after the matches, but the whole night seemed weirdly romantic - and there were no crack whores trying to suck my dick for 10 bucks.

All these years later and I'm sitting at my computer watching Nobuhiko Takada defend his UWFi title against Vader and i'm on the edge of my fucking seat, too.

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