Underground Rising - Indie Wrestling Will Save Us.

While Covid-19 did it's best to stop the United States in it's tracks, some businesses found loopholes around the shut down.

For wrestling fans, World Wrestling Entertainment, All Elite Wrestling and Impact Wrestling were able to curb the down time by utilizing empty buildings and recording months of shows at a time.

For WWE it seems the idea to continue may have actually backfired. Ratings are bleeding out like a Nick Gage versus Rickey Shane Page death match.

Fuck ... I miss death matches. I miss #UnchartedTerritory. I miss GCW. SPW. BLP. The list goes on and and on.

Just before the epidemic, Indie Wrestling was flourishing. Almost to the point that The Underground was becoming The Place for talent to ply their trade. Instead of wrestling in front of 100 hardcore fans, IWTV breathed a fresh look into the indie scene, and new stars were born at a frantic rate.

Some names have moved on to the brighter lights in bigger arena's. But some remain, holding the shinning light, dimmed but not extinguished by the corona virus.

I've always likened Indie Wrestling to punk rock music. Maybe it's the DIY feel of the shows, or the FUCK YOU, WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT US mentality that a lot of the indie promotions wear on their sleeves.

The shows always feel like they are saying something, to me. Whether it be the story of revenge, or the dream coming true, you never leave a show feeling nothing. You feel happy, you feel angry, you feel sad, you feel regret.

Right now there is a lot to say in this world. Some would say pining for live wrestling seems a bit superficial. And, I mean, I can understand that take. I understand, for the past couple weeks the States and streets around us have been filled with anger fueled by racial indifference and murder. And that our time would be better spent lining up and protesting.

But as much as we hate to admit it, time defines action. Some need to return to work - we can't protest if we're to tired to fight. As long as we continue to engage in the conversation we remain growing, learning and hopefully accepting of one another through the destruction of the policies and procedures that have helped wedge us apart.

And while companies like the WWE and AEW have said little to nothing about our current realities, IWTV and J-Rose said FUCK YOU, WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK, WE HERE TO STAND TOGETHER.

J-Rose curated a three hour tour de force of the Best of Black Independent Wrestling with proceeds going to charity.

Some wrestlers I'd seen and some that I never had, and some I hope to see again, both new and known.

Last night, I realized that I don't want the Underground to become anything other than what it is - a place of love, respect, inclusivity of all color, sexual orientation, etc.

At the very heart of Indie Wrestling is the desire to be different and be accepted for that difference. For so long we've been laughed at for watching Indie Wrestling while the wrestlers not taken serious for their sacrifices.

All these false narratives end in 2020. Healing won't happen over night - but more now then ever, we need the squared circle, broken doors, thumb tacks, shattered lights and Murder-Death-Kill.

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