Poly Cult Party II: Pittsburgh Poly Mansion Edition

The Poly Cult Party 2 was the second installment of MV Young’s shows, which were broadcast on Twitch.  The first was in New York and this is from an undisclosed location in Pittsburgh.  Upon arrival at the location there were bands playing in the ring, the first being made up of members of the bands Birthday Girl and The Living Street. 

Once the matches were ready to start, we were greeted by the host for the evening, Commander Jim Sterling.  Who greets the fans stating that if there is any racism, homophobia, or transphobia the person will be thrown over a fence.  

The first match is a scramble with the winner being added to the match with MV Young and Joshua Wells.  This match included Jody, Façade, Eel O’Neal, Boom Hardin, Pinkie Sanchez, and Jaiden.  All the hijinks that you would expect from a scramble like this ensued.  I was the most familiar with Façade and Pinkie Sanchez, but everyone was able to impress and show what they could do.  I was most impressed with Jaiden, but Jody gets the win, while avoiding most of the action during the match.

The next match is Nick Stapp, who comes out to my father’s favorite singer Carly Simon, and the attorney David Lawless.  Lawless, who is an actual attorney, recently helped G-raver defeat Jim Cornette in court!  Lawless, insults the crowd, and continuously tries to bend the rules, but Stapp does pull out the win with a creative cover.

Up next was Andrew Palace against Ziggy Haim.  Ziggy Haim was also at the first Poly Cult Party where she had a very impressive match with  Lee Moriarty.  Andrew Palace is a mainstay in the Pittsburgh wrestling scene where he has won multiple titles and had impressive matches against the likes of Josh Alexander, Dylan Bostic and Wardlow.  Andrew is typically the crowd favorite, but does not appear to be tonight.  The most memorable spot in this match was Palace putting Ziggy into a stack of tires, and drop kicking her.  After a very competitive match Andrew Palace gets the win with the hernia driver.

A six man tag follows which includes a team of Effy, Calvin Couture, and Tyler Klein against Payton Graham, Edrick Everhart and Jack Pollack, the Black Hand Society.  The Black Hand Society was a group that wrestled for multiple promotions in PA/OH/WV and had their reunion/ last stand for this match.  Jack Pollack is probably the most accomplished member for the Black Hand Society, as he has won multiple championships for promotions in Pittsburgh.  Calvin Couture and Tyler Klein are also from the Pittsburgh area and were set to be at Effy’s Big Gay Brunch at WrestleMania weekend.  

BHS controlled a lot of this match, but Effy, Calvin and Tyler pick up the win with all three coming off the top butt first on their respective opponents.

Next is Remy Levey against  Lady Frost with Victor Benjamin.  Remy is a Pittsburgh wrestler who has recently been teaming with the likes of Atticus Cogar in the Culmination.  Lady Frost, also originally from Pittsburgh has been getting more notoriety with her husband as the tag team Pretty Proper, who have been having amazing matches including a win against  Bear Country at Beyond.  Lady Frost gets the win with a little help from her husband and tag team partner.

In the following match P.B. Smooth is very annoyed that Big Game Leroy is playing his switch in the opening moments of the match.  P.B dominates most of the match, but Leroy gets the upset win with a distraction from his Switch on the outside. 

Still Life with Apricots and Pears and Molly Mccoy have an incredibly entertaining no DQ match.  It included mid match auctions of the canvas’s that were used as weapons during the match.  I was pretty sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on as Molly was loudly screaming while getting a sharpie to the head.  Other weapons that were used were the easel, and Molly’s hocky sticks and skates.  Molly gets the win after a glitter bomb.

Xavier Fariday and Chase Holiday are up next for the Midwestern Territory  Championship, which is a chain, not a belt and might be the coolest looking championship I have seen.  This was my first time seeing both of them.  Xavier is an incredibly athletic young wrestler from the Wrestle Factory who has a great future ahead of him, but Chase Holiday is able to overpower him to retain his title.  Chase was very impressive in person and I would like to see more of him.

Pancake comes out to the ring next for his in-ring debut, followed by the bells and the entrance of the BUNDERTAKER.  If you have not seen the Bundertaker, he is dressed as a hotdog and does the Undertaker’s moves.  There are so many food puns that can be made during this match.  Pancake looks very good for his debut, but the Bundertaker is too much for him as he gets the win with the chockslam.

The semi-main event is for the Ring Light Championship and the Wrestle Lab Championship with Jody, Joshua Wells and MV Young, who gets the biggest reception of the night, as it is his party.  I really like Joshua’s new attitude as he seems to really have taken to being able use adult language and gestures since he is no longer with his former company.  He is also a lot more aggressive then I have ever seen him before as he did not want to join the Poly Cult.  Wells is very impressive in the match and I am very excited to see his future.  Jodi is also very entertaining, but MV is the star of the match and the show as he retains both of his championships.

A lot of people thought this was the main event and packed up and headed for the exit, but the main event and the match of the night was still to come.   The main event between Billy Dixon and Jared Evans had me on my feet through most of the match.  I did not know what to expect from this match, as I am a fan of Billy Dixon, but had not seen anything from Jared Evans before.  Go out of your way to see this match, the whole show is still available from Go Professional Wrestling on Twitch.  It was a match that turned into a personal battle that was what wrestling should be.  There is a scarry moment where Evans goes through a door knee first from the top rope, he continued, but Billy ends up with the win and they have a very emotional embrace to end the show.

It was a really fun time live, and I checked out some of the replay and it looked great on Twitch too.   The whole show was fun and  I look forward to seeing more from MV Young and Uncanny Attractions. 

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