The Krude Experience - Hedonism. Refined

 Hedonism. Refined

Krude, doing his sworn due diligence, hit the road in search for some kicks. Sunday and Monday kicks (my days off from whoring for $). And where does Krude go when in need of fresh adrenaline,within a 2 hour drive? Take a wild fucking guess...

Weird. My first take stepping into Harrahs Atlantic City on a Saturday night in late summer 2020. The place is completely jacked with people. Wearing masks. Sitting right next to each other at the slot machines. Plexiglass dividers at blackjack and roulette tables separate the gamblers though. Weird. Bars are serving drinks to mask less people.Social distancing only applying to elevator protocol. 4 people maximum. In an elevator car meant for 6 people. These are not tight pandemic practices. It is capitalism rearing it's very ugly head. Or pure ignorance. Both seem like a logical answer.

Watching NFL football at a NJ casino was just like old times.It's the football fans that make this scene so special. Everybody wearing colors or logos or masks of their favorite team. Drinks flowing.Same living and dying by the shady prop bet. And praying for the Win Gods to bless your wagers. An Over bet on Raiders/Panthers game nets Krude his solitary win all day. Knowing the Raiders defense sucks helped. Business as usual....

Single women were out and about everywhere in all the casinos I went to. It was strange to make a humorous observation to a single lady and not see the smile on her face. My sly charm is a major asset when trying to score. The reward is making the skirts smile and blush. Times have changed. Really changed. People are the same. Just need some fun in their lives

Getting shitfaced on a Sunday morning felt good. 90 proof moonshine and blueberry muffin breakfast. Good thing Raiders won their first game of the season. Makes the morning after hangover seem like it was worth it. The lobster roll sandwich I ate at Tropicana hotel bar Chickie and Pete's was one badass bite to eat. Always hits the spot.

Trying to live life during unprecedented quarantine times has been challenging. So gambling, booze, pain pills, chicks and good chow HAVE to be first rate at all times. Never settle. Live large. Hug your bookie. Mahalo

Kap > Kapn

Real guts



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