Indie Wrestling Wire: IWTV.Live's "Masked Wrestler," recap


By Don Halliwell

The final semifinal match of the Masked Wrestler is Stokley Hathawy Jr against Wyldkat.  In the intros Stokley says that he has been wrestling for 10 years and he defeated Tre Lamar in the first round and Wyldkat, who defeated Lady Frost in the first round, says that he knows who Little Stoke is.  

The match starts off at a slow, feeling out pace where neither wrestler appears to have the advantage.  Stoke tries a Lucha armdrag but is thrown in the corner and Wyldkat slows down the pace.  When Stoke starts to get the advantage Wyldkat escapes to the outside but is then it by a flying Little Stoke.  Stoke goes for a Meteora but is caught and Wyldkat turns it into a half crab and then an STF, but Stoke is able to make it to the ropes.  They both exchange quick pin fall attempts with neither getting the advantage.  Stoke is getting visibly angry and takes off his gloves, while the referee’s back is turned Wyldkat hits Stokely with a low blow and rolls him up for the win.  

Before the judges could guess who Stokely Hathaway Jr is, he takes his mask off and reveals himself to be Tony Deppen.  Deppen then goes on a tirade stating that he was cheated and goes on to verbally attack each of the judges.  

So, the finals are set for next week with Wyldkat going against Genkai and the winner will face Warhorse for the Independent Wresting Championship.

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