Indie Wrestling Wire: Limitless Wrestling's "The Road," Season 2, Episode 5 recap


Steve Somerset vs Traevon Jordan

This is a match between 2 wrestlers who are typically tag team wrestlers, Jordan in the Waves & Curls and Somerset in Even Steven, but currently both of their partners are injured.  They start out pretty even, but Somerset is able to gain the advantage when he distracts the referee and crotches Jordan on the ropes in the corner.  Sommerset is able to remain in control for a while and gets a couple near falls until Jordan hits him with a flying clothesline.  Jordan goes for a jumping sidekick but it is caught by Somerset and he hits a superkick and then a shining wizard for a 2 count.  He then trash talks Jordan and talks about his injured partner, which upsets Jordan and fires him up.  Jordan is able to hit the jumping side kick for the win.  Both wrestlers proved that they can hold their own as singles wrestlers as well as in their respective tag teams.

The Competition (Champ Matthews & Conner Murphy) Vs Dylan Nix and Konnor Hex

The Competition jumps Nix and Hex from behind to start the match and then hits a hip toss on them onto the floor.  The competition really shows off their athleticism including an innovative choke by Mathews as he is doing a headstand in the corner. Mathews hits Hex with a Double Stuff Piledriver, which had Hex’s head in his tights. Hex rolls out of the ring and The Competition hits the Corner Chaos on Nix for the pin.  The Competition looks to add their name to the likes of Waves & Curls, Even Steven and Armani Kayos & Paris Van Dale as young tag teams to be on the lookout for in Limitless.

Eric Johnson vs Eijah Six

Johnson comes into this match on a six-win undefeated streak and is going against the debuting Six.  Johnson clearly has the size advantage and challenges Six to try to lift him up for a power slam. Six is not able to pick up Johnson but is able to use his speed to get Johnson off balance and an early near fall.  Johnson gains the advantage after that and uses his power to manhandle the younger wrestler.  Six is able to come back and hit a flying back elbow and an elbow from the top for another near fall.  Johnson is able to follow this up by hitting a tiger bomb for a near fall of his own.  Six hits a very impressive Stunner from the 2nd rope, but Johnson is able to kick out at two.  Johnson then hits a flurry of offense, a back elbow, punch and finally the Johnson special for this win.  This was an impressive debut for Elijah Six, but Eric Johnson was able to keep his winning streak intact.  

Logan Black Vs Kennedi Copeland

Black tries to intimidate Kennedi in the corner before the match starts.  We have seen how tough Kennedi is, but this is going to be a very tough match up for her.  She is, however, able to start off very quick with a flash of offense including a splash in the corner, a flying head scissor and a suplex on the big man.  She goes for a dive onto Black on the outside, but he pulls up the mat from the floor to block her.  The fight then goes to the outside where they exchange shots.  They go back and forth until Kennedi is able to gain the advantage when she hits a running Thez Press onto Black who was seated on a chair.  Once they are back in the ring Black is able to take over with a big running elbow.  Black then hits a backbreaker and puts Kennedi in an impressive submission hold, as he stretches her back with her on his shoulders.  He then tries a dive onto Kennedi but misses and she is able to hit a backstabber and tornado DDT.  Black comes back with an upper cut, rolling elbow, slam combination but Kennedi is able to kick out.  They then exchange some big shots and Kennedi hits a Canadian Destroyer for a near fall.  She locks in an armbar, but Black turns it into a Powerbomb.  He looks to put it away with a Superplex but Kennedi is able to roll him up when they hit the mat and picks up the win.  This was an incredible match, both wrestlers looked great and Kennedi gets a really big win.  I was cheering and gasping from my couch watching it, so I would definitely recommend checking it out. 

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