Indie Wrestling Wire: IWTV's Masked Wrestler Finale recap


By Don Halliwell

The finals of the Masked Wrestler are Wyldkat against Genkai.  Wyldkat has defeated Lady Frost and Tony Deppen.  He has used underhanded tactics to get his wins and  says that he knows a lot about the style that Genkai is emulating.  Genkai has defeated Logan Easton Laroux and Joshua Bishop. 

The match starts with them grappling on the ground.  Whenever they break Wyldkat tries to intimidate Genkai.  There are a lot of reversals and submission holds from both wrestlers.  Genkai hits a spinning Lucha arm drag and a leg lariat.  Genkai then stomps on the arm of Wyldkat and continues to focus on it.   Wyldkat counters with a sling shot to the ropes and a clothesline. He then hits a stalling suplex and continues to focus on Genkai’s throat and oxygen intake.   Genkai is winded but hits a dive onto Wyldkat on the outside.  Wyldkat follows this with a dive of his own.  Once they get back in the ring Wylkat hits a double sledgehammer from the top rope.  Genkai is able to fight back and hits an elbow in the corner followed by the Olympic Slam.  Wyldkat tries to get in some offense but Genkai catches a kick and turns it into a submission with a double grapevine on the legs with a STF.  Wyldkat takes down Genkai by pulling his mask and gives him a low blow while arguing with the referee.  He rolls up Genkai, but is not able to get the win, he then hits a piledriver for another near fall.  Wyldkat puts Genkai in a crossface, but Genkai is able to roll out.  Genkai then hits a German Suplex followed by a brainbuster for the win.

We go to the judges to see if they can guess who Wyldkat is.  Brickster picks Colin Delany, Billy Dixon picks Blake Christian and Kris Statlander picks Tracy Williams, but they are all told they are incorrect.  Wyldkat unmasks himself to reveal that he is Wheeler Yuta.  As Genkai is getting his trophy Wheeler attacks him from behind and tries to take off his mask.  Brickster gets in the ring but is met with a low blow by Wheeler.  Tony Deppen runs to the ring and finally chases off Wyldkat.  Genkai is your winner and will take on Warhorse and it looks like Deppen has some unfinished business with Wheeler Yuta.

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