Indie Wrestling Wire: Limitless Wrestling Presents #TheRoad, Episdoe 6 recap

Road Recap, Episode 6

by Don Halliwell

Brett Ryan Gosselin vs Elia Markopoulos

Elia gets the early advantage with a sling shot to the floor and a double axe handle from the top rope, but BRG takes over after a poke to the eye.  BRG then hits a running forearm and back elbow in the corner and a bulldog for a near fall.  Elia  gets a surge of energy and hits a flying elbow.  BRG comes back with a diamond dust and they fight back and forth.  BRG tries to pin Elia with his feet on the ropes but the referee catches him and when he turns around from arguing with the referee he is hit by a spear from Elia, who is able to pin him for the win.  

Interspecies Six Kaiju Tag Match- Powa Ranjuru, Perry Von Vicious and American Beetle vs Big Callux, Bear Ranger and Double Unicorn w/ Dr Cube

The smallest person in the match Powa Ranjuru starts the match against Bear Ranger.  Ranjuru gets the early advantage but is hit from behind by Double Unicorn and Dr. Cube’s team takes over and teams up against Ranjuru.  Dr. Cube’s team makes quick tags and isolates Ranjuru until she is able to escape and tag in American Beetle.  Beetle hits an Ace Crusher on Bear Ranger but Double Unicorn jumps him from behind in the corner while he is climbing the ropes.  Callux comes in and is able to use his size to dominate Beetle, but Beetle is able to escape with a DDT and tag in Perry Von Vicious.  All 6 competitors start battling in the ring leaving Callux and PVV in the middle of the ring arguing over who is bigger.  PVV hits a Perry-go-round on Bear Ranger.  Double Unicorn sets up a bed of chairs in the corner.  Callux powerbombs American Beatle onto the chairs and then Unicorn hits a piledriver on the chairs, but is only able to get a 2 count on Beatle.  Beatle then makes a comeback and hits a Death Valley Driver on Unicorn.  Ranjuru, PVV and Beatle team up on Callux and are able to bring him down.  Beatle hits a splash onto him, and they all jump on top for the 3 count.  After the match Callux sits up and choke slams one of Dr. Cube’s minions and then Dr. Cube himself.  Callux then shakes hands with American Beetle and raises the hands on the victors.  This was a really fun match.  I am glad that Limitless decided to include Kaiju Big Battle on the show, as they bring something uniquely entertaining.

Kirby Wackerman vs Nick Stapp

This is a rematch with Nick Stapp wining the prior meeting.  They start out evenly matched, but before they can really get going, they are interrupted by Leary, Boomer Hatfield, Hermit Crab, Travis Huckabee and Callux.  This group that we have seen in the intros of previous episodes attack both Stapp and Wackerman.  Boomer and Hermit Crab hit an impressive double team maneuver on Wackerman and then Callux hits a big spinning sidewalk slam on Stapp.  Leary grabs the mic and says that he has formed this group with these wrestlers  that no longer have a place to call home and their group is called The Hive.  Danger Kid comes to ring behind The Hive and hits them all with a dropkick from the top and they scatter out of the ring.  DK says that he wants to fight the biggest one of the group and The Hive agrees that he will fight Callux next week.  

Slade Vs Bobby Orlando

Slade starts the match by totally dominating Bobby, stomping on him and hitting a huge choke slam.  Orlando is eventually able to evade Slade and push him to the outside.  This is not usually a place that Orlando would want be to with Slade but he is able to gain the advantage by hitting a hip toss, slamming Slade onto the hard wood floor and attacking him when he gets back in the ring.  He is able to keep the advantage in the ring by hitting 2 Bobby Slams and dropping Slade throat first on the ropes after he slips out of the third one.  Orlando then misses the Swanton Bomb and Slade takes advantage by hitting 5 consecutive exploder suplexes.  Orlando throws Bobby JR at Slade, but that does not help him at all, as Slade yeets Booby Jr across the room.  Slade continues the beat down, but Orlando rakes his eyes and hits a dropkick from the top.  He then hits a backstabber for a near fall.  Orlando then begins to trash talk Slade, which is a big mistake, as Slade then hits multiple forearms and a hard strike to the back of the head to pick up the win.  

This was a really fun show with a lot of things going on to set up future episodes of The Road.  Brett Ryan Gosselin looks set to face bigger competition after bringing his record to 2-0. Slade is going to be tough for anyone to beat and he has to be considered a contender for the championship down the line.   The Hive is looking to take over Limitless and they have a lot of talent in this group, but Danger Kid has already stood up to them and will be taking the fight to Callux next week, but you have to wonder will Danger Kid be alone or will he bring some back up with him.  We also have the return of Alec Price next week and the Vacationland Cup on 12/9.  Already announced for the Vacationland Cup are Lee Moriarty, Acey Romero, Christian Casanova and Daniel Garcia.  

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