Indie Wrestling Wire: Pizza Party Wrestling Presents: “OW! That's What I Call Wrestling” Recap

Pizza Party Wrestling Presents: “OW! That's What I Call Wrestling” Recap

Air Date: 11/15/2020 on IWTV.Live

by @olskoololfool

It appears as if time stood still at that same venue that brought us 1999's “Bout For Clout”.  The sun is shining, the action in the ring is just as hot, and those who debuted in '99 don't look a day older.  In an easy-to-watch 90 minutes, Pizza Party again brought their version of wrestling fun to the eager at-home viewers.  Here's what happened...

Oreo Speedwagon (Xavier Faraday & Joshua Wavra) were discussing their bout with Kidd Magic.  Xavier was having major fanboy moments while Josh wasn't buying the hype at all.

Travis Huckabee defeated “Lucky” Leo Zukko

It was two technicians going to war, with Zukko having a definitive size and strength advantage.  The game plan of Huckabee was not to be denied however: first focusing on an arm, then an ankle, setting up a victory via Stretch Muffler.

Sean Henderson defeated Bonez and Pancakes in a triple threat.

Sean was kept out of the ring early by the spooky Voodoo man Bonez.  Pancakes was able to hang with him but was in a much better position once Henderson returned and they were able to double team Bonez.  They got rid of him for a hot minute but Bonez returned with an ever hotter second, shooting a fireball at Sean.  Bonez started working over the arm of Pancakes, but once Henderson returned he won shortly there after. Sean hit a leaping Code Red on Bonez, launching off of the back of Pancakes to get the win.

Slade defeated Big Game Leroy

Leroy escaped an early chokeslam attempt as Slade was in no mood for games.  Leroy tried some quick roll-ups and got in a bit of offense while still clutching his beloved Switch.  Slade then took over, sending Leroy to the ring posts multiple times.  The Switch was now on the apron and soon after, Slade stomped on it.  A completely furious Leroy came back, finishing with a Kamehameha for 2.  Slade up quickly and he gets that chokeslam, but Leroy kicks out at 2.  Slade catches him in a sleeper to wear him down and then hits his version of the Hidden Blade for the victory.

Oreo Speedwagon defeats Kidd Magic & Assistant Benjamin (Bodyguard Junior?)

Through his powers, Kidd made this a tag match as opposed to the previously scheduled handicap match.  Wavra and Magic start, trading arm bars/arm control.  Once the momentum tips in Josh's favor, Magic tags out and Wavra does as well.  At first, Xavier has a very tough time moving Benjamin anywhere.  Ben's size/strength are too much for awhile and once Faraday starts finding solutions, Kidd starts with distracting trick like a levitating handkerchief.  Even ref Kris Levin was enthralled!  Kidd back in and takes over on Faraday.  After a rough go, Xavier finally makes the tag to Wavra.  Kidd tries to “disappear” but Ben won't let him.  In the end, the aces of the tag division hit the Cookie Cutter on Ben and gain another big W.

Matt Makowski defeated Kennedi Copeland

A sequence of fairly even back-and-forth grappling started this one, then Kennedi tried multiple pinning combos.  Matt responded with a couple of big hammerlock slams to soften an arm.  His first pop-up armbar attempt was unsuccessful and once out Kennedi hit two back sentons.  Makowski came back with big knees and butterfly suplexes, trying again for an armbreaker. Copeland survives, lands a huge running knee.  She tries for number two but gets met with a leaping back kick that stops her cold.  A forearm exchange initiated by Kennedi follows and when it looks like she's gaining an advantage a vicious back elbow ends the exchange.  Off the ropes, Copeland lands a satelite into a Fujiwara variant but Makowski guts through.  Two strong high kicks and an O'Connor roll into a pop-up armbreaker end Kennedi's chances.  Makowski wins by submission.

Brad Rush defeated “Vicious” Van Valley

Before the match, we witnessed a rather insincere attempt at an apology by Valley and a rather strange peyote trip for Rush.

Valley attacked Brad before the bell and the fight was on.  Rush creatively used a U-Haul van door for some offense and Valley dropped Brad's bare feet on gravel.  Rush responds with a Lucha armdrag on the gravel and runs Van into a tree.  Valley throws Rush down a nearby hill then asked the ref for a count.  The brawl finally made its way back to the ring.  After a quick Saito suplex by Van, Rush caught him with a knee trike to the back of the head.  Brad then began working a leg and attempted a figure 4 leglock but was kicked off by Van.  Valley lands two giant splashes and his “Bedtime” sleeper suplex but it was not enough to put away the wily Rush who got the win with a top rope flying facebuster.

Boomer Hattfield/Molly McCoy defeated the Mane Event (Midas Black/Jay Lion)

This was a very entertaining tag match with teams that grow leaps and bounds on every outing.  Boomer and Midas started with a very nice exchange before hitting an impasse.  Both made tags, so Molly and Jay got their first taste of action.  This didn't last long and soon Hattfield and McCoy were taking it to Midas, quick tags setting up corner attacks a plenty: Boomer with European uppercuts, Molly's hip checks.  Once Black finally made the tag, the Lion was uncaged.  Boomer was the recipient of the “Thru the Hoop” tope and Molly was subjected to some very creative tag offense.  Eventually, Hattfield makes the save for McCoy and things break down.  Boomer hits a tope con hilo to both members of Mane Event, but later eats a spear and pounce from Jay.  For the finish, Molly landed a heavy headbutt and Boomer snapped off a short spiking rana, securing the win.

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