The Krude Experience - All Right All Right All Right!!!

 All Right  All Right  All Right!!!

Matty McConauwhateverthefuck wasn't the man coined the title of this blog in the movie Dazed and Confused. Krude knows who did. And I will bring you a review of the music collection that contains the infamous phrase. So without any further introduction....

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome from Los Angeles, California... The Doors!!!

The Doors Live in Boston is the music collection I am referring to. And YOU should be tracking down this awesome Doors release. Lead singer Jim Morrison is on fire during these shows. In other words, he is blasted out of his mind during this recording. Firmly earning his place in the Drunkard Hall of Fame with his performance.

Any live album that begins with Jim Morrison screaming and moaning before the band launches into Roadhouse Blues, is pure gold. Seeing that this album contains two full Doors shows played in Boston that tour, you get multiple versions of the same tunes. Jim keeps everything fresh with his very saucy speeches and improvised spoken word song intros.

'Adolf Hitler is alive and well. I slept with her last night'.

Yes. Morrison really says this during these 1970 (my birth year) performances.

'I don't know what is going to happen man. But I want to get my kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames'.

Jim lets this boozy gem fly during the second show after teasing a girl in the audience about astrology.

The Doors play the music with conviction. John Densmore, Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek do a fine job of bringing the Doors best songs to life. Most notable in this music set is the inclusion of songs that most Doors fans didn't know were ever performed live before: Been Down So Long, The Spy. While adding the classic Doors tracks Light My Fire, Five To One,When The Music's Over,etc.. A fine fucking collection of music if there ever was one.

Krude has his version of this album on compact disc. I'm not even sure if it is still in print. Just do yourself a favor and find a way to listen to this album. Make sure the beer is cold and the whiskey is purring when listening. Make Jim smile in heaven. Or hell. Or wherever he currently chills at...

Peppermint mini skirts and chocolate candies




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