New South Pro Wrestling presents Action Clash Episode 11

New South Pro Wrestling presents Action Clash Episode 11

Event Air Date: November 24, 2020

Event Venue: JC Arena in Hanceville, AL

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by Tiffany R. Merryhill

Eleven episodes in on New South’s Action Clash and we’ve finally come to a point where the landscape of the promotion has been permanently altered. There’s been plenty of upheaval in previous shows, but looking at the events that shook loose from this week’s episode? It’s pretty difficult to go back to the way things were before now! 

On commentary: Dump Sanders and John ‘Mose’ Mosley

Dump and Mose are back at the commentary table for Episode 11 and it’s another fine job calling the action from these two pros. With each week of Action Clash I believe that Mose is firmly establishing his place as the most prominent voice of southern independent wrestling. It’s a title well deserved, too - for the latter half of 2020 Mose has been killing it on broadcasts for New South as well as other promotions in the region.

Match 1: Akuto Death Society (Shean Christopher and Kevin Ryan) vs. The Ladykillerz (Bailey Blake and "Hot Tamale" Daniel Perez)

At first, I thought it was just an off night for the ADS. Either that or the Ladykillerz have really come into their own as a team. Later we’d all find out that both these perspectives had truth to them, as Bailey Blake and Daniel Perez truly were on fire here. However, there seemed to be very little spark at all from the Wasted Generation boys here as Shean and Kevin couldn’t find the same team synergy that they’ve had for so long. Was it because Shean was moving towards his own destiny now? This missing cohesion would result in a big victory for the Ladykillerz in the end, and we were left to wonder how strong the bonds still were in the ADS. We wouldn’t wonder long, though...

Match 2: Dojo Boyz (Leo and Erron Wade) vs. Maximilian Zero and Pancakes

You gotta love this fresh talent in New South! This tag match was a great way to have audiences get to know newcomers Zero and Pancakes a little better. For anyone who hasn’t seen their work up further north and on the East coast, these two guys are damn good as either singles competitors or tagging up as they did here against the Dojo Boyz. 

Erron Wade and Leo continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the New South tag team division. Whether it’s a debuting team or facing off against old rivals, the Dojo Boyz do strong work. Such was definitely the case here in a tag team match where both sides came off looking great. It’d be great to see Zero and Pancakes back in New South before too long, especially if we can get a singles match between Pancakes and Erron Wade. Their exchanges in this tag match were fantastic. The Dojo Boyz pick up the win in quite an entertaining bout.

Main Event: Brett Ison vs. Chris Crunk (Akuto Death Match/Loser Leaves New South)

As it stood, the ADS seemed to be experiencing a series of breaks that would lead to complete separation. Wasted Generation wasn’t hitting right as a tag team. Chris Crunk made it quite clear also to Kevin and Shean that their help would not be needed in his Akuto Death Match against Brett Ison. There was a very real question if Kevin and Shean could even coexist anymore with both headed for their own singular successes in the ring. And then there was the one man who looked to demolish what’s left of the pieces - former ADS member Brett Ison.

For those of us who have seen the aftermath of this episode, we now know that Ison decisively defeated Crunk in this Loser Leaves New South match. Not only did Ison win, but he also destroyed the ADS altogether in an Akuto Death Match where Crunk was the one who challenged Ison. It was a humiliating loss for Crunk, but it was inevitable. Ison, on the other hand, was done with both Crunk and the audience. The people had gotten behind Crunk’s never say die work ethic and did not want to see him leave New South, and the Pitbull took to the mic mid-match to let everyone know he was disgusted by this.  Shean Christopher and Kevin Ryan did make their way to ringside for this one despite being advised otherwise, and the shocker of the episode happened when Shean made his split from ADS public by delivering a solid kick to Crunk at a pivotal moment in the match. From there, all hell broke loose!

Ison used the interference to his advantage, sending Crunk through several steel chairs via a devastating piledriver. That was it for Crunk’s time in New South, it seems, as Ison got the victory and left Crunk there beaten in the ring, helpless to watch as Shean Christopher severed his last ties with his former partners in a post-match attack.

Post-Show Thoughts

Once again there’s upheaval in New South! This company never rests on anything for too long and I like that feeling of unpredictability. I wonder, though, how these ever changing situations will alter the landscape of the promotion as we move towards the end of 2020. We’ve got Episode 12 ahead of us to see what will happen as a result of the bombshell that was this show, and then there’s Winter Warz ahead of us in the near future with many surprises said to be in store. Consider my curiosity piqued; I’m ready to see how the Best In The South sends out this crazy year.

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