Indie Wrestling Spotlight: Jody The Wrestler


Jody The Wrestler has been wrestling in the Las Vegas area for a couple years now, but really started to make a name for himself in the past year online and in the ring.  Jody is very entertaining to follow on social media, as he really lets his personality shine.  In the ring he made a name for himself winning a scramble match at the PolyAm Cult Party 2 to earn himself a shot at the Wrestlelab Championship.  While he was not successful winning that championship, he has found ways to win championships in the Las Vegas area and elsewhere.  Jody can be seen on the Paradigm Pro “No Hook” show, which airs on Wednesdays at 10 on IWTV.  On the first episode he lost his Party Hard Wrestling Party Monster championship to Billie Starkz, but found some confidence, and an elbow pad, on the second episode which led to him defeating Jeffrey John and retaining his VERZUS Battleborn championship.

Jody answered some questions about his wrestling career so far, along with his music career and other topics.  Jody is definitely one to keep an eye on, as he is a very original and entertaining individual.  

Don: A lot of people became aware of you because of your promos going into the PolyAm Cult Party and you seemed to come out of nowhere, but you had been wrestling in the Las Vegas area for a while.  Can you tell us a little about your career prior to that point?

Jody: Prior to the PolyAm Cult Party I honestly just stayed regional and gain any knowledge I could. I’m still only a couple years in and trying to learn every day. I did have my share of local accomplishments, however. In my 6th match ever, I pinned Hammerstone for the Future Stars of Wrestling Heavyweight Championship with help from Karrion Kross and ended up in a triple threat cage match with the two of them. They were both tremendous helps early on in my career and this program taught me so much. I was also a Party Hard Wrestling Tag Team Champion with Jay Cafe & Jayme Beachler. I had a really fun match with EFFY at Party Hard prior to PolyAm Cult as well. 

Don: A lot of people are surprised to hear that you were trained by Vampiro, what was that training like?

Jody: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my training with Cut Throat Cody Hancock at FSW. This is where I started and learned all my basics. I’m a proud member of the Cody Hancock 600 squat club where we would end class with 600 squats. It was miserable, but in a good way. Vampiro was the “finisher” of my training. From day one, Vamp kinda made me “his guy”. He would always call me out as a positive example and to help him demonstrate things for new trainees. Vampiro was my favorite wrestler as a kid because of Wrestling Society X and his faith in me gave me the confidence I lacked prior. After I got the confidence, everything else kinda fell into place. It was rough though. Every class would end with an hour of Krav Maga training and conditioning and the cardio required for that was intense.

Don: Many of us are not very familiar with the Las Vegas wrestling scene.  You seem to be at the forefront as someone who wants to change that.  Who are some people that we should search out and watch and who are some up and coming wrestlers from Las Vegas that we should keep an eye out for?

Jody: The Vegas scene is overflowing with talent. Adriel Noctis, Lazarus, and Sandra Moone are my road dawgs in #S4TB and are also the hardest working people I’ve ever met in wrestling. They’re on the path for a breakout, with bookings for all 4 of us in Paradigm, Polyam Cult, and more I can’t talk about yet. Cody Hancock & Jay Cafe are legitimately the best wrestlers in Vegas, and I think they’re going to break out whenever the world is a little less pandemicy. I also think Jace Battle is one of the most slept on talents out right now. Dude can have 100 matches in a row and 100 of them are gonna be good.

Don: When I hear that a wrestler is putting out an album, I think of the old Macho Man albums or something like that that is only listened to ironically, but there have been some wrestlers like Chris Bey and Myron Reed, who have put out some good songs recently.  You also surprised some people with a very good song, “Delivered”.  How long have you been making music and who are your influences?  Also, do you plan on releasing a full album?

Jody: Delivered was my first song. I have always loved hip hop and every time I get too drunk, I end up annoying my friends with freestyles. I never thought I’d actually pursue it but my friend, 36 Monk is a very talented producer and believed in me. He gave me a beat that eventually became “Delivered”. The reception was so positive I immediately began writing more. I can’t say too much but there will be a full mixtape in 2021.

Don: You have put out a lot of really good merch, do you make the designs yourself?

Jody: I cannot draw to save my life. All of my designs are done by friends. My most frequent collaborators are Daniel Roe from Cold Hands Clothing & Brandon From Maine, owner of the Brandon Bubble. They’re so talented and put up with my poor ideas and turn them into rich pieces of art.

Don: You have a match announced for the PolyAm Cult Party 3 against MV Young for the Wrestlelab Championship.  You wrestled him for the belt in a 3-way match that also included Joshua Wavra where MV retained.  What do you plan to do differently to leave with the championship?

Jody: Stab me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I took the pin in the first match. MV and I barely touched in that match and I think the next one is going to be special. I think MV also knew I would’ve kicked out if he had chosen me to pin. MV and Wavra are both phenomenal talents but a triple threat throws the odds off. Ask Scott Steiner. I didn’t win the triple threat. I don’t lose singles matches. 

Don: Since this is for the Bum Wine Bob website, I feel I must ask you what your drink of choice is.  Favorite beer, wine, shot and/or mixed drink?  When I’m drinking, I like to listen to music and watch wrestling.  What would your go to wresting promotion and/or show be and what music would you be listening to while having some drinks?

Jody: The Hennessy thing isn’t a joke, I love a good Hennessy and lemonade. As far as beers go, I’m a cheap date. Bud Light, Rolling Rock, or Montucky for me. I am firm in the belief that ECW is the perfect drinking show. Have you ever gotten drunk and watched Tanaka vs Awesome? Come on. Music Wise I typically listen to Juice WRLD and Lil Peep at least a little bit every night. If I’m in a good mood I’ll mix it up with some Ski Mask the Slump God, Death Grips, and recently I’ve gotten ridiculously in to UK Drill and Grime. I wanna move to London so bad.

You can find Jody on twitter at @JodyTheWrestler

His merch, which is really awesome, can be found at Jody the Wrestler – Brainbuster Tees

His single “Delivered” performed under the name of Loveshow, can be found on all streaming platforms.

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