Malt Beverage Of The Week - Four Loko Electric Lemonade

It's electric! While summer feels like it's a long ways away, you can still try to grab a small taste of summer by cracking open a can of the NEW Four Loko Electric Lemonade!

I have to say that the Four Loko Electric Lemonade is one of the more enjoyable beverages in the Four Loko universe. It keep true to the classic Lemonade taste with the extra Four Loko kick we all know and love. Stay tuned for this weeks upcoming edition of Bumming with Bobcat for the official Four Loko Electric Lemonade taste test where you can hear all about it!

"Tastes like the lemons life gives you and a bolt of lightning canned up."

Listen to "Rock Down To Four Loko Electric Lemonade Avenue" on Spreaker.

We are going to wrap up the month of February next week with another ALL NEW feature of the week! What will it be? Stay tuned!

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Hit that play button below and Rock Down to Four Loko Electric Lemonade Avenue and enjoy a taste test on Bumming with Bobcat! Cheers!

Listen to "Rock Down To Four Loko Electric Lemonade Avenue" on Spreaker.

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