bWb Radio is HERE!

You may have noticed to the right hand side of the page there's a new item sitting above Bumming With Bob's podcast.

Today, we very gently, launched bWb Radio 69FM. What is bWb Radio 69FM, you ask? Well, that's simple - it's a radio station that lives on the servers of

You can find it by going to or, which ever is easier to remember in your mind.

What will you find or hear on bWb Radio? Classic rock, hair band shit, some talk radio, some wrestling talk, HEADBANGERS BALL kinda shit, and so much more. 

But remember ... we're in the early stages ... growing organically.

One thing I want to stress: We're here for a good time but we wanna be here for a long time too. We'd also like to help you. YES YOU. If you are a podcaster or a musician or in a band - contact us. We want to stream your show, your music. We want you to grow as we grow.

We've already come to an agreement with Randy of Miserable Retail Slave to air old episodes of his fantastic podcast. Look for more announcements soon.


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