Indie News Wire: Camp Leapfrog presents "Camper's Choice," recap

Recap by Don Halliwell

Camp Leapfrog Camper’s Choice let the fans and campers alike come up with their own cards to the show and the one that got the most likes on Twitter was the card.  The show opens with Abby Jane in the ring with her notebook.  She is very excited to be the host for the night and to let us know that the wining card is the one that was created by Boomer Hatfield.  She also lets us know that they are raising money for PowerPlay NYC.

The first match is a scramble match between Big Game Leroy, Abbs, Francis Wright, Saber Dorado, Trajan and The Party Starter Ron Voyage

Francis grabs a megaphone, with a tin foil hat on, and begins telling everyone that he will beat them all, but his opponents have heard enough and throw him out of the ring.  Saber shows off some of his Lucha skills, but ABBS gives everyone atomic drops and then hits a crossbody on all the other competitors except Francis, who pulls him to the outside of the ring and attacks him.  Ron Voyage then gets the party going and cleans house before Francis puts a stop to his fun.  Francis and Trajan exchange blows in the ring until Trajan hits a suplex sending Francis out of the ring and everyone comes in to give their opponents suplexes.  Ron hits a spinning heal kick on ABBS.  He then kicks him again in the corner and places ABBS on the turnbuckle.  Ron then hits a superman punch on ABBS and brings him crashing to the mat with a Death Valley Driver for the win.  

The next match is The Tyrants, Grey Wolf and Kreed against Dan Champion and Rex Lawless

The Tyrants use their power and team work to their advantage early to dominate Dan and Rex, but Dan and Rex resort to some under handed tactics to get the momentum on their side.  They isolate Kreed and try to bait Greywolf into the ring, while laying in some cheap shots while the ref’s back is turned.  Rex goes for a splash from the top, but Kreed is able to get his boot up and make the tag to Grey Wolf, who proceeds to take out both opponents.  Dan & Rex give Kreed a double team suplex, but Grey Wolf fights back and the Tyrants hit a standing Doomsday device for the win. 

The next match is one that is making me hungry, as it is King Crab against Hot Dog Starkes

They open with a test of strength, but Crab uses his pinchers to take off one of Hot Dog’s gloves, so Starkes grabs it off of Crab and slaps him with it.  Crab knocks Starks down, but that just makes Starkes mad as he takes off his bun and goes on the attack.  However, the offense from Hot Dog is short lived as he is hit with a spinebuster from King Crab.  Crab can not believe that he has not won yet and starts complaining to the referee and gets hit with a Blue Thunder Bomb from Starkes.  The other campers are firmly behind Starkes as Crab goes to the top stating that he is going to win, but Starkes is able to bring him down to the mat in incredible fashion with a spinning Rock Bottom from the top rope.  That was not enough to put the crab away, so he goes for a superkick, but it is caught by Crab.  King Crab catches Starkes with a bicycle kick, then a Michinoku driver for the win.

The next match pits the Mane Event and Pancakes against The Runway and Becca

The team of Pancakes and the Mane Event start the match by focusing on Calvin and hit a tremendous triple team maneuver on Becca, followed by Lyon diving through the hoop on the outside onto both members of The Runway.  This gives Becca the opportunity to attack Midas in the ring.  Becca shows a lot of aggression and seems to be really jelling well with The Runway.  Midas is finally able to make the tag to Pancakes after a short DDT to Becca.  Pancakes comes in hot, but the numbers catch up with him pretty quickly.  As they are beating him down, Becca adds some insult, as she hits him with an Acrobatic Slap.  Pancakes finally makes it to his corner and The Mane Event take out all of their opponents.  Pancake jumps off of Lyon’s shoulders onto Calvin, but Becca comes flying at him from the other corner and hits him with a dropkick.  Chaos now ensures with all 6 competitors trying to get the advantage in the match.  Pancakes rolls up Calvin, but Tyler distracts the referee.  Becca throws a scrunchie at Pancakes and Calvin hits him with a spinning leg drop for the win.  

Our next match is a 4-way survival match between Damaris, Crusher, Love Doug and The Spoiler

Doug is ready for some love, but none of his opponents will accept his offers and attack him to start the match.  Damaris shows off some of her skills against the Spoiler, until Doug dropkicks her in the face for not loving him.  The Spoiler then takes out all of the other opponents.  Doug says that they have crushed his heart, which seems to call The Crusher to the ring, and she proceeds to slam everyone to the mat.  The Spoiler is able to stop her momentum but gets a superkick from Doug and Damaris starts working over everyone.  Doug throws her out of the ring and hits a dive on everyone.  Doug hits a spinning stunner off the top, followed by a bulldog on The Spoiler, but only gets a 2 count and he proceeds to ask the ref why he doesn’t love him.  As this is going on Crusher comes in the ring and hits a big splash onto Love, Dog for the win.

The Atomicos match is up next, and the fans were supposed to pick the stipulations on the match as the loser would either have to eat dog food, salute their shorts, or clean the lagoon.  During an interview on the way to the ring the Goons said that they are so confident that they think the team that loses should have to do all three.  

The Goons of Myles Millennium, Eel O’neal , Killian McMurphy and Big Dust face Willow Nightingale, Sonny Defarge, Boar and Erica Leigh

Willow and Big Dust start the match.  Willow gives Dust the first shot but keeps evading him and ends up dancing with him, which makes The Goons very mad.  Sonny and Miles come in and Sonny uses his technical skills to keep the advantage until Miles rolls out of the ring.  Eel comes in, which leaves Erica begging to get a piece of him.  She dominates Eel until he rolls out of the ring.  Killian and Boar come in and the Boar destroys Killian with his power.  The Goons go out of the ring and are hit with simultaneous dives from Willow and Sonny.  The Goons distract the ref and Miles kicks Erica in the back of the head.  They then team up on Erica until Dust misses from the top and Sonny comes in.  Sonny is not able to get in too much offense when the numbers advantage of The Goons catches up with him.  He is finally able to hit a big European uppercut on Eel and tag in Boar.  The members of The Goons try to take out Boar, but Erica hits a cross body from the top rope onto all of them.  Willow and Sonny try a double team maneuver, but it does not work.  Killian gets Erica all alone in the ring, but her best friend, Boar comes in and makes the save, giving Killian an F-5.  He then picks Killian above his head and throws him down for an assisted X-factor with Erica.  Big Dust comes in the ring behind Erica and Boar and says that he is going to beat them both up but gets hit with a spear from Erica and is pined.  

We are getting ready for the main event, but Ethan Wilde comes to the ring stating that he is the Campground Athletic Commissioner and that he is now running the show.  He challenges 2 people at ringside, one who appears to be a janitor, to a match against himself and Johnny Moran.  Every time their opponents appear to be getting the advantage, Ethan stops the match to come up with another “new rule”.  He then takes Kris Levin off of the match and appoints his intern, Kevin, to be the referee.  Ethan and Kevin continue to make up new rules and Kevin gives them very favorable counts until they finally get the 3 count on their opponents.  

We now have our main event, which is a 2 out of 3 falls match, between Blank and Max Zero, where the winner gets to unmask.

Zero is very aggressive in the opening moments and continues the fight onto the outside of the ring.  Blank momentarily gets the advantage with a spear, but Max comes back with a big boot.  He then holds Blank in the air for 16 seconds in a stalling suplex before crashing him to the mat and hitting him with a big boot to secure the first fall.  The 2nd fall starts with Max swinging Blank around 10 times, but Blank is able to recover and comes off the top rope with a dropkick for a near fall.  Blank starts to get very frustrated with the campers ringside and he even pushes the referee.  Blank better be careful, as this match could end with a disqualification.  Blank has the advantage, but he toys with Max a little too much and ends up paying for it.  Blank gets sent to the outside and Max tries to dive on him, but misses.  Blank makes it back in the ring and tells the ref to start counting.  Max cannot make it back to the ring before the 10 count, so Blank picks up the second fall.  Blank tries to pin Max early in the third fall but cannot put him away.  Max gets Blank on his shoulders and drives him into the mat for a near fall.  Max starts to turn up the aggression and rips off his dress shirt.  He goes for a running knee, but Blank catches him and hits him with a suplex for a near fall.  Blank starts kicking Max, but Max catches him and hits him with a slingshot backbreaker.  He follows this up with a sharpshooter, forcing Blank to tap out.  Max stands triumphantly in the ring and takes his mask off to a “You are handsome” chant from his fellow campers.  

We are now taken to a shot of The Goons paying the price for losing their match.  They are eating dog food, underneath their shorts, while Erica, Willow, Boar and Sonny cheer them on. Abby tells us that next week we will see video of them cleaning the lagoon on Camp Leapfrog’s social media.  She also tells us that the next Camp Leapfrog show will be Matt Makowski’s Frog Sport!

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