Indie News Wire: Limitless Wrestling Presents "The Road" Season 3, Episode 5 recap

Recap by Don Halliwell

The Prestige, Channing Thomas and Brett Ryan Gosselin  vs The Kids, CJ Cruz and Ricky Archer

The Prestige jump the Kids before the bell rings, then make quick tags to isolate Ricky Archer.  After taking quite a beating, Archer hits soul food and makes the tag to CJ Cruz.  CJ comes in hot, but BRG pulls down the top rope when CJ goes for a 619 and The Prestige take control again and try to isolate CJ this time.  CJ avoids some elbows from BRG and rolls out of the ring, but BRG crotches him on the ropes coming in and hits a DDT on him while his feet are hanging on the middle rope.  The Prestige continue to keep control.  They isolate CJ, keep him in their corner and make quick tags.  CJ knocks BRG off the apron and hits Channing Thomas with an enziguri.  He goes for a tag, but BRG pulls Archer from his corner and Thomas pulls CJ back into their corner.  CJ avoids some double team attempts then hits a moonsault on both members of the Prestige and makes the tag to Archer.  Archer drives both members of the Prestige to the outside and hits a dive onto them both.  Archer picks up Thomas, but BRG grabs his legs from the outside.  Thomas lands in a pinning position, but the ref catches BRG holding Archer’s legs and stops the count.  The Kids make a fiery comeback, and Cruz hits a 619.  This is followed by a double team cutter combination for the win.   Both teams showed some incredible teamwork, but The Kids were able to pull off that big time double team maneuver for the win.

Dylan Nix vs Tyree Taylor

Tyree Taylor looks extremely focused and squashes Nix in the corner as soon as the bell rings.  Taylor stays on top of Nix with strikes, knees and headbutts. Nix is not able to get in any offense at all to start the match and Taylor looks more determined than ever.  Nix is finally able to get some offense going when he avoids a spinning lariat and hits a spear, but it is only momentary as Taylor avoids a splash from Nix.  Nix tries to put the Aqua lock in, but Tayler gets out and hits a uranage.  Taylor is able to hit his discuss lariat this time and Nix is not getting up from that.  After the match Taylor helps Nix up and looks like he is applauding his effort, but he ends up giving NIx another discus lariat.  After that attack he says that he has given everything to this place and now he is taking.

Nick Stapp vs TJ Crawford

I was really looking forward to this match, as neither one of these wrestlers ever seems to have a bad match.  They show each other some respect to start the match and open pretty even. TJ gets the advantage as he  connects with a headbutt to Nick’s back followed by a flying cutter to the outside.  TJ goes for another dive, but misses and Stapp hits a rolling dive from the apron onto TJ and they begin to exchange chops on the outside.  Stapp puts TJ in a chair on the outside of the ring.  His first attempt at the around the world strike is thwarted as TJ gets up, but Nick trips TJ putting him back in the chair.  He then runs around the ring and hits a dropkick, knocking TJ out of the chair.  He then throws TJ back in the ring and is in control.  Stapp gets on the second rope, but TJ is able to kick his legs out from underneath him.  He then picks Stapp up and puts him on his shoulders, running him into the opposite turnbuckle before slamming him to the mat.   TJ hits a knee to the head of Stapp, then a package piledriver, but only gets a 2 count.  TJ then hits 2 butterfly suplexes and goes for a pin off the 3 suplex, but only gets a 2 count again. TJ starts laying in forearms on Stapp in the corner, but Nick will not give up and keeps fighting back.  TJ puts Stapp on the top rope and goes up after him, but Stapp pushes TJ off and hits a dropkick from the 2nd rope.  TJ uses the momentum to bounce off the ropes and hits a clothesline dropping them both to the mat.  After they get themselves to their feet, Stapp hits a buckle bomb followed by some elbows, a knee to the face, another dropkick off the ropes and a cutter to the knees, but again only gets a 2 count.  TJ hits a brainbuster, but Stapp kicks out at 2 and TJ starts laying into Stapp with some kicks to the chest.  TJ tells Stapp to stay down and slaps him, but Nick will not give up and slaps him TJ back.  Once they are back up Stapp hits a DVD, but that does not put TJ away and now it is Stapp’s time to tell TJ to stay down and he gets answered with some headbutts from TJ.  Stapp answers with some forearms before TJ takes over hitting a standing spiral splash.  Stapp misses off the top rope and TJ hits him with a package piledriver for the win.  This was an outstanding match and unlike the prior match these 2 do embrace and show some respect to each other.  They even sing “I had the time of my life” together.

Rip Byson vs Alexander Lee in a Dog Collar Match

Alexander Lee has been tormenting the students of the Limitless Dojo for the past few weeks and Rip Byson is looking to extract some revenge for them.  Rip is trying to whip Lee before the bell rings and once it does ring, they start throwing strikes at each other and are not holding anything back.  These 2 are hitting each other with everything that they have right from the very start of the match.  Lee drives Rip to the outside and starts choking him with the chain, but Rip bites Lee’s leg and then starts attacking it.  Rip then drives Lee into the ring posts taking him around the ring with the chain.  Lee gets the advantage back and starts choking Rip with the chain and biting Rip’s finger, but Rip answers with an enziguiri on the floor.  Rip grabs a door and drives it into Lee twice.  He ramps the door on the apron, lays Lee on it and hits an elbow from the apron driving Lee through the door.  Once they are back in the ring, they exchange strikes and Lee hits Rip with a Stroke into the top rope, but Rip kicks out at 2.  Rip is able to pull Lee into a lariat with the chain and gets the win.  This was a hard-hitting match that never slowed down and could have gone either way, but Rip was able to hit the big move at the right moment.

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