Limitless Wrestling's "The Road" Season 3 Episode 9


MSP, Danger Kid and Aiden Aggro vs The Prestige, Channing Thomas and Brett Ryan Gosselin

MSP throws BRG out of the ring and isolates Channing to start the match.  They drop him to the mat with a double team maneuver, then attack The Prestige on the outside.  The teams fight on the outside of the ring and Channing goes after DK’s arm.  BRG sends Aggro down the stairs and attacks DK from behind.  The Prestige then roll DK back in the ring and we finally officially start the match, but DK is alone. The Prestige continue to work on DK’s arm.  Every time he tries to fight back, they get another strike to his arm.  The Prestige hit an assisted shoulder breaker combination on DK and attack his arm some more, as Aggro tries to crawl back to the ring.  DK is finally able to hit a flying knee on Thomas and goes to the top rope, but BRG grabs his leg.  DK hits a sunset powerbomb on Thomas and makes his way to Aggro to make the tag, who comes in with all kinds of energy.  Aggro hits a Biracial Facial and a snapmare driver on BRG for a near fall.   MSP tries to go for a double team maneuver, but Thomas pulls DK’s hair from behind and hits a dropkick on Agrro from the top.  The Prestige hit a Superkick, German suplex combo, but are only able to get a 2 count on Aggro.  MSP hits the drip drop on BRG and go for the pin, but Thomas pulls the ref out of the ring before he can make the 3 count.  They hit a low blow on Aggro and go to hit him with the brass knuckles, but DK comes from behind.  Aggro hits a superkick on BRG as DK is holding him upside down and then they hit a tiger driver for the win.  The Prestige tried every trick that they had to try to defeat MSP, but the veterans were able to counter and prove that they were the better team.


Swilly O’Brien v Eric Johnson

Swilly is looking to make a name for himself by being the one to end Eric Johnson’s undefeated streak.  He goes after EJ early and hits him with a suicide dive on the outside. Swilly follows it up with strikes on the outside, but EJ counters with a chop to the throat.  EJ tries to crush Swilly on the ringpost, but Swilly moves and EJ crashes into the post.  Swilly finally gets EJ up and rolls him back in the ring, but as he is getting back in himself EJ kicks the ropes into his crotch and has the advantage when the match gets back in the ring.  EJ works over Swilly and is definitely not the crowd favorite, but he does not seem to care.  EJ tries to squash Swilly in the corner but Swilly gets his boot up and hits a blockbuster off the top for a near fall.  Swilly goes for a fameasser, but EJ counters with a jackknife powerbomb.  Swilly kicks out at 2, then is able to hit the fameasser and gets a near fall of his own.  Swilly runs at EJ, but misses in the corner and EJ gets him up for the Johnson Special for the win and is able to continue his winning streak.




Delmi Exo vs Paris Van Dale

Delmi is looking for some revenge from when The Higher Society defeated The Sea Stars in last season of The Road.  Paris chops Delmi in the corner to start the match, but that seemed to set off Delmi as she goes after Paris with strikes.  She takes Paris to the outside and drives her into the stack of tables and the ringpost before throwing her back in the ring.  Paris is able to catch Delmi with a clothesline as she comes back in the ring, then a meteora in the corner.  Delmi picks Paris up and puts her in the corner, but Paris avoids Delmi and hits a split kick driving her to the outside, where Armani Kayos attacks her while the ref is distracted.  After celebrating with Armani, Paris rolls Delmi back in the ring and hits a split stunner, but only gets a 2 count.  Delmi counters with a boot to the gut and 5 back elbows in the corners followed by a northern lights suplex for a near fall.  Paris grabs Delmi’s hair and hits her with a chop, then another split leg drop for a 2 count.   Delmi goes to kick Paris, but Paris catches it and hits the ref with Delmi’s kick.  While the ref is down Armani comes in the ring and The Higher Society hit the Hit & Run double team on Delmi.  Paris wakes up the ref, but only gets a 2 count.  Armani holds Delmi on the ropes so they can try another double team maneuver, but Delmi is able to move this time and gets behind Paris to dropkick her, knocking her into Armani.  She is then able to stack up Paris for the pin and gets the 3 count.  Like a lot of the young wrestlers in Limitless Paris continues to improve and looks better with each match, but Delmi is one of the top stars in Limitless and proved that even with the numbers against her she was able to come out on top.



Love, Doug vs Ava Everett in a Bed of Love Tables Match

Doug has answered Ava’s open challenge and she even let him pick the stipulation.  Doug is looking for his first win and he has made it a Bed of Love Tables match.  Doug offers her a heart shaped box of chocolates and a card, but Ava throws the chocolates out of the ring. She reads the card but says that it is disgusting and rips it up.  Ava charges at Doug, but he moves and hits a lovesault.  Doug goes for a chair on the outside, but Ava hits a suicide dive on him, then a suplex on the floor.  She throws the chairs in the ring and sets one upside down on top of the other in the corner.  Ava throws Doug to the corner, but Doug flips over and hits her with a dropkick from the other corner.  Doug dumps some heart shaped hard candy in the ring and hits Ava with a Tiger Driver on the candy, but Ava counters with an Ace Crusher on the candy.  They exchange pump kicks and Doug drives Ava to the outside.  He goes for a leap of love but gets hit with a flying chair to the face.  Ava sets up the heart shaped piñata in the center of the ring and tries to drive Doug onto it, but he counters with a piledriver on the piñata and sets up the bed of love on the outside, which is a table with hearts and roses on it.  Doug comes back in the ring and goes after Ava, but she pulls the ref in front of her and hits Doug with a low blow, as the ref is on the mat.    Ava gets Doug to the top rope to try to suplex him through the table, but Davienne runs out and chokeslams Ava through the table.  The ref comes to and sees Ava through the table and Doug in the ring and announces Doug as the winner.  Doug gets his first victory and Ava is furious.

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