We start with Matt Makowski going over the rules of Frogsport, which is that a match can only end with a knockout, submission or referee stoppage.  We then get the highlights from the first-round matches that were broadcast earlier in IWTV’s Facebook Page.

Our first matchup is Yoya against Jordan Blade.  Both of these fighters are disciplined in martial arts.  Yoya tries to down talk Jordan about her martial arts experience, which angers Jordan, as she is not someone to be taken lightly.  Jordan gets the advantage on the mat then gives Yoya a belly to belly and an overhead throw when they get to their feet.  They exchange submission holds on the mat and Yoya hits a flying knee once they get back to their feet and the ref is forced to stop the match as Jordan is knocked out.

The next quarterfinal match up is between Violence and Matt Makowski.  As this event is literally named after Matt, you have to feel that he is the favorite.  They exchange strikes and struggle for the position advantage early and Matt is eventually able to get the takedown.  Violence takes Matt down when Matt attempts a roundhouse kick, but that may be a mistake, because the mat is probably not a place that you want to be at with Matt Makowski in the ring.  Matt goes for a couple of submission moves, but Violence is very impressive in being able to escape them.  Violence is able to put Matt in a  leg submission, but Matt gets out and hits the dominator and forces Violence to tap out.

The 3rd quarter final match is Saber Dorado against Darius Carter.  Darius seems a little thrown off by Saber to start the match, and they exchange leg locks.  Darius is very meticulous with picking different body parts to attack, mostly focusing on the legs, but Saber is eventually able to reverse the leg lock, before they both end up back on their feet.  Carter takes Saber for a ride with a gator roll, then a surfboard, followed by a half crab, but he is still not able to put Saber away.  Saber hits some strikes and goes for the attack on Carter, but gets a finger to the eye, which lets Carter take back control.  He then ties Saber’s legs in the turnbuckle and gives it a brutal stomp.  Carter goes to take off Saber’s mask, which seems to activate Saber, as he hits a shining wizard and a basement DDT.  Carter hits a leg screw and goes for another leg submission, but Saber escapes.  Saber gets the momentary advantage until Carter unmasks him and kicks him in the back of the head, forcing the ref to stop the match.  Carter won the match, but obviously not the camper’s respect, as they all turn their back on him.

The final quarter final match is Janai Kai against Travis Huckabee.  This is a battle between a martial arts expert, Kai, against one of the best technical wrestlers, Huckabee.  Travis starts the match by working on Kai’s legs, which will limit her striking ability.  She tries to fight from her knees, but Travis puts her back down with a gut wrench slam.  He gets her up for a powerbomb and locks in an ancle lock.  Kai fights back momentarily, but Travis goes back to the leg.  Kai is able to fight out of Travis’s holds  and sweep his leg. She then uses this opportunity to knock him out with a kick to the back of the head to advance to the semifinals.

After a short break we are back with the first semi final match between Yoya and Matt Makowski.  The match opens up on their feet before Yoya is able to get Matt down with a German suplex.  Yoya tries to get a submission in, but Matt is able to escape, and they get back to their feet.  Matt picks Yoya high off the mat and gives him a huge suplex.  He tries to take advantage on the mat, but Yoya gets out.  Yoya attempts a dropkick on a downed Matt, but Matt grabs his leg.  They get back to their feet and Yoya is able to take Matt down with a headlock, but Matt counters and goes for a knee bar.  He turns the knee bar into a half crab, but Yoya escapes and hits Matt with a flying knee.  Yoya goes for a submission, but Matt picks him up and slams him to the mat.  Matt follows this up with Splash Mountain and transitions it to an arm bar forcing Yoya to tap out.

The other semifinal match features Darius Carter against Janai Kai.  Darius gets an early takedown, but Kai is able to use her experience to escape.  He uses his size advantage to take Kai down, but she continues to fight back and escape his submission attempts.  Kai is able to get the advantage and lay in some kicks on a downed Carter, but he catches the leg and locks in a leg submission followed by strikes to her back.  Kai is really showing her toughness by escaping all of Carter’s submission attempts.  Kai counters Carter’s submission and gets on top of him for some ground and pound, but Carter is able to use his size advantage again to get back on top of Kai.  Carter lays in some headbutts and a forearm.  Kai counters with some elbows on Carter and some kicks, but he catches the last one and takes her down and hooks in a crossface.  He pulls Kai’s arm back with his legs and forces Kai to tap out.  Kai showed how tough that she is, but Carter’s size and tenacity was too much for her.


We are now set for the Unsanctioned Soviet Deathmatch between Edith Surreal and Masha Slamovich.  This match is taking place with snow on the ground and on the mat.  Edith tries to lock in some submissions early, but she is not going to take out Masha that quickly.  Masha gets a drink of Vodka and spits it in Edith’s face, then grabs a chair and smashes it across Edith’s back.  Masha goes for an arrogant cover, but only gets a 1 count.  Edith locks in a submission, but Masha gets to the ropes.  Masha sets up a chair in the corner and tries to slam Edith into it, but Edith blocks the attempt and smashes Masha into the chair, which cuts Masha open.  Edith follows this up with a shining wizard and takes over control.  They fight on the apron and Edith hits a rolling Death Valley driver onto the snow.  Masha crawls away and grabs a chair, driving it into Edith’s gut, but Edith fights back and hits Masha in her bleeding head with a can, then throws her headfirst into the chair.  They continue to fight in the snow and Masha lays Edith out with a pile driver.  Masha sets up a door across 2 chairs and lays Edith on it.  Masha goes to the roof of the building and dives off of it, onto Edith.  She then proceeds to drag Edith back to the ring by her hair.  She hits the White Night Driver on Edith, but Edith kicks out at two.  Masha goes for another one and Edith tries to fight back, but Masha hits her with a cross armed DDT.  Masha sets another piece of wood on 2 chairs, this time alongside of the ring.  She gets Edith up for a power bomb, but Edith gets out and hits a European uppercut followed by a shining wizard.  Edith gets Masha up and powerbombs her out of the ring through the table.  Edith tries to follow up, but Masha sprays green mist in her face and hits her with her stop sign.  Masha gives Edith a few more shots with a chair and sets up another makeshift table.  Masha hits the White Knight Driver through the table and rolls Edith in the ring. As Masha goes to come back in the ring, Edith sprays some mist of her own in Masha’s face.  She follows this up by hitting Masha with few shots of the stop sign and then hits Masha with her own White Night Driver on the chair for the win. 

We now switch it up and get a tag team match between Jet Jaghori and Devantes against Ryan Nova and Cheeseburger, which is contested under Frogsport rules.  Devantes is definitely the biggest person in the match and Jet is the loudest, but CB and Nova have the experience advantage.  Nova and Jet exchange holds on the mat, without either getting the advantage and Jet makes the tag to Daventes.  Nova tries to strike Davantes, but nothing seems to phase him.  CB comes in but gets slammed by Davantes and hit with a moonsault by Jet.  Jet goes for a pin, but there are no pins in this match.  CB makes the tag to Nova and Daventes also comes in.  Nova gets a choke on Devantes and CB comes in and knocks Devatnes to the mat and Jet off the apron.  However, as CB is out of the ring, Davantes gets Nova up for a TKO, followed by strikes on the downed Nova, forcing the ref to stop the match.


We now have the main event and the finals of the Frogsport Championship between Darius Carter and Matt Makowski.  Matt is the overwhelming favorite among the fellow campers.  Matt gets the early advantage, as he mounts Carter.  He goes for the cross-arm breaker, but Carter counters into a half crab and they are both to their feet.  They both go for submission attempts, but each counter or slip out of their opponent’s attempts.  Matt gets Carter in an arm bar, but Carter makes it to the ropes and smashes Matt’s knee into the ropes.  They exchange leg locks on the mat.  Matt gets an arm bar on Carter, but Carter is able to fight out.  Carter locks in an STF, but Matt escapes and lays in some ground and pound, followed by a side headlock, but Carter gets out by bending Matt’s fingers across the ropes.  Carter stomps on Matt’s elbow and goes for an armbar, but Matt escapes again.   Carter locks in a figure four, using the ropes as leverage, but Matt rolls them both out of the ring.  They get back in the ring and Matt gets the advantage with a roundhouse kick and gets Carter up and drops him into an armbar, but Carter escapes.  They exchange strikes on their knees, but neither one seemed to have a lot behind them at this point.   They now get up and exchange forearms and knees, before Carter pokes Matt in his eyes.  Carter goes for a superplex, but Matt slips away and kicks Carter in the head.  Matt then hits the cross arm breaker from the top rope, forcing Carter to tap out. 


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