Limitless Wrestling's "The Road" Season 3, Episode 10


Mike Law vs Steve Pena

Both wrestlers are making their debut on The Road. Pena has the size advantage and Law looks to take it to the mat early. Law goes after Pena’s arm, but Pena takes Law to the mat and they exchange submission holds.  They continue to exchange holds until Pena puts his boot in Law’s face. Law comes back with a boot of his own, then a rana sending Pena to the outside.  Law hits a kick from the apron and follows it up with a suicide dive.  They get back in the ring, but Law gets caught with a backbreaker, German suplex combo by Pena.  They exchange chops in the corner and Pena brings Law out with an overhead suplex.  Pena is in complete control over the smaller Mike Law and just starts stepping on him before taking him off his feet with chops.  Law fires back and hits Pena with a couple kicks.  He tries unsuccessfully to get Pena up, but Pena counters and takes Law over with a butterfly suplex.  Pena misses in the corner and Law comes off the 2nd rope with a blockbuster.  Pena strikes Law with a headbutt then a clothesline, but only gets a 2 count.  Pena quickly locks in an STF, but Law is able to get to the ropes.  Law connects with a back elbow, then a Samoan Drop for a near fall.  Law follows up with some kicks, but Pena avoids a clothesline and hits a suplex followed by a lariat for the win.  This as an impressive debut on The Road for both combatants. 


Love, Doug vs Kirby Wackerman

Doug is looking to get wins 2 weeks in a row after his long winless streak.  Doug hits a dropkick in the corner followed by an elbow and a bulldog in the middle of the ring.  Doug spreads some love to the camera, but when he turns around Kirby picks him up for a body slam.  Kirby follows it up with 2 more body slams, then comes down on Doug with a headbutt for a near fall.  Kirby hits another headbutt and a pumphandle slam.  Doug comes off the corner with a crossbody and then the Love Story for a near fall.  It looks like Kirby decides that he will love Doug and goes in for a hug, but gets hit with a pump kick.  Doug then hits him with sliced bread for the win. Love, Doug is on a roll now and looks to show everyone that love always wins in the end. 


Brett Ryan Gosselin vs Little Mean Kathleen

BRG has his tag team partner, Channing Thomas with him.  Kathleen goes straight after BRG and hits the Dudley dog, but is not able to put BRG away, and he picks her up for a slam.  BRG whips Kathleen into the corner, driving her head into the bottom turnbuckle.  He then takes her up for a vertical suplex.  The crowd rallies behind LMK and BRG misses in the corner.  LMK mounts him with some strikes, but BRG gets up and drops LMK with a right.  Kathleen jumps on the back of BRG, bites the back of his head and comes of the 2nd rope with a Theis press.  She goes for another Dudley dog, but BRG pushes her off this time.  He follows up with a superkick for the win.



Ace Romero vs Alec Price, street fight

This rivalry has been going on since the first episode of The Road and may be one of the most physical and personal rivalries in Limitless.  Ace has been a Limitless original and an IMPACT star, while Price is the hot upcoming star and they just do not seem to like each other and need to settle it with a street fight.  Ace goes right after Price as the bell rings and throws him to the floor.  He gets Price up, but Price slips away and runs Ace into the ring post.  Price hits Ace with 2 kicks but misses the third and kicks the post.   Ace chops Price and Price’s chest is already red.  Ace takes his time in picking apart Price and laying into him with strikes.  He goes to the back and grabs a shopping cart then proceeds to put Price in it.  Ace runs the cart into the post, dumping Price onto the floor.  He grabs the cart again and tries to throw it at Price, but Price moves and hits Ace with a spinning DDT on the floor.  Price starts hitting Ace with the trash from the cart and throws him back in the ring.  He charges at Ace but gets met with 3 chops.  Ace tries to take advantage, but Price uses his athletic ability to drive Ace headfirst into the mat.  They go back to the floor and Ace grabs a steel chair.  He gives Price a couple chops and runs after him, but Price throws the chair at him, then drives it into his gut.  Price sits on the chair and tells Ace that this is now his hood now.  They fight on the apron and Ace goes for a package piledriver but Price escapes, and hits Ace with a kick, then dives at him on the outside.  Price continues to trash talk, and Ace comes from behind and hits him with a burning hammer on the apron.  Price is defiant to the end and tells Ace once again that this is his hood, but Ace picks him up and gives him a package piledriver for the win.  I don’t know if these competitors have gained any respect for each other during these matches, but I have loved seeing each one of them. 

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