The Clean Sheet Volume 2, Issue 2


The Clean Sheet Volume 2, Issue 2

By @olskoololfool

The Clean Sheet is back, here to highlight the good folks, good things and good Independent pro wrestling!  In this blurb-sized issue we'll talk to the good folks at Deathmatch: A Love Letter in a Forward Five interview and now that we're a ways into 2021, catch up on the rise of many from our 2021 Dynamic Dozen (Volume 1, #10).  Let's get to it then, shall we?

Forward Five with... Deathmatch: A Love Letter

Entrepreneurs.  Supporters.  Sponsors.  Tastemakers.  Publishers.  Game Designers.  Fans.

Just a few of the many hats worn by the folks at Deathmatch: ALL.  Why so many hats?  Well, that's directly related to how many irons they have in the fire...the magazine, the merch, the collectible card game, "smokeables" and heaven knows what's to come.  You've seen their ads (especially if you're an IWTV subscriber) and logo everywhere because they sponsor damn near every cool deathmatch show around.  Enjoy this peek into the mind and future vision of their growing empire...

1) Please sum up your mission/goal in one sentence.

Deathmatch: A Love Letter: "To share the things I love with other people who love them." 2) What change would you immediately implement in the world of pro wrestling? Deathmatch: A Love Letter: "I would ban Suge from the entire state of Georgia and only allow Jazzy J Serious to wrestle in hardcore matches." 3) What change(s) are you actively pursuing in the world of pro wrestling? Deathmatch: A Love Letter: "I put a lot back in financially and I do so to places I trust, and that in my opinion do things the right way. I don't really think I'm trying to change anything. I'm just a fan and trust these talented people to keep the wrestling world I love on track. I would, in the future, love to try my hand at booking though!" 4) Who do you think deserves shout-outs/praise in the world of pro wrestling? Deathmatch: A Love Letter: "Wow, this could be long haha. So many workers bust ass in this business you could almost make the list shorter by excluding the few that need excluded so I'll focus on promotions. I'm a big fan of ICW, PW Trainwreck, Heavy Metal Wrestling, Action Wrestling, ISDub, IWA, DMDU, SUP, UWF, H2O, Unsanctioned Pro, Zona. I hate making lists because I know as soon as I hit send I'm going to realize a bigger list of places I forgot, but I watch every show all of these places put out." 5) The dreaded and super annoying question #5: Where do you see your brand/company 5 years from now? Deathmatch: A Love Letter: "I'm really pragmatic. I sat the sales goal for our first issue at 45 issues. That's what I planned for. Those sold in the first 2 days of preorder. So I don't know. I really don't see it getting much bigger magazine wise. Its a niche market and our distribution numbers are amazing. If we grow there are changes I want to make for sure. We already expanded the size (it was originally going to be 5.5x8.5) and with this coming issue (Issue #3) we have expanded to 60 pages. Issue 4 will start a centerfold pull out poster. The card game that is launching this year (beta test packs will be ready soon, full public launch in Sept) has a pretty big upside with retail deals already in place, but as far as the mag, I hope it's still chugging along and able to support even more great indy/deathmatch wrestling."

Check out all that they have to offer at

2021 Dynamic Dozen Update Part 1:  How they doin'?

A few issues back 12 wrestlers were predicted to have a big 2021 by the Clean Sheet.  So, after this wee newsletter decided to put it's gigantic weight and clout behind these gifted athletes...the question must be asked.

How they doin'?

1) "Big Beef" Gnarls Garvin

Beef has made Big waves thus far in 2021, especially in Paradigm Pro, Limitless and IWA-MS.  He's in the hunt for the IWA-MS title and reached the semi-finals in the Ted Petty Invitational.  With an ICW:NHB debut coming up in the summer, you're sure to see more of this brawler in the months ahead.

2) Don't Die Miles

Miles is everywhere it seems and strapped up now as well: New Wave Pro Crossroads Champion and AWR Tag Champion (w/Freddie Hudson).  He's made debuts for F!RST in Minnesota and at the PolyAmCult mansion since the start of the year.  He's encouraged all of us to stay hydrated and not to die...Miles is a positive force on the rise.

3&4) The Mane Event (NYC) Midas Black & Jay Lyon

The Mane Event has been bringing the "Greatest Show in Pro Wrestling" to many more folks after being featured on AEW's Dark programs and VxS (Violence x Suffering).  In Pizza Party Wrestling, they defeated the Pittsburgh-based Mane Event duo of  Duke Davis and Ganon Jones, Jr. in a fantastic athletic contest.  Bit by bit, more high-profile appearances are coming their way.  

5) Alex Kane

Get your tickets for this runaway train to Suplex Island if you haven't yet, or is it too late already?  He's been running through the competition in Paradigm Pro and ACTION.  He was recently announced for this years Scenic City Invitational and is already considered one of the favorites to take it all.  The worst/best part of all of this?  I really think he's just getting started.

6) Janai Kai

Showing up in many new environments, the striking specialist has been on a tear and gaining numerous new fans along the way.  One of only three athletes to compete in  GCW Josh Barnett's Bloodsport and Camp Leapfrog Matt Makowski's Frogsport, her commitment to her craft continues to bring new opportunities.

Hey all you wonderful wrestler/promotions!  If you have events/fundraisers that you would like to see highlighted in the Good Hands section or are an athlete/company/brand who would like to take on the Forward Five mini-interview, please reach out to me at either @olskoololfool on Twitter or by e-mail,


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