Bum Wine Wednesday

Bum Wine Wednesday 

Today's bum wine Wednesday is the 211 Black Can Steel Reserve. 

If you’ve  ever wanted to put some hair on your chest, this is the one for you. This one has 8.1% alcohol in a 24 ounce can for under 2 dollars. 

Bums all over the world rave over this malt found in almost any gas station you go in. 

Overall it’s not a terrible beer, you get what you expect for the price haha. It had a decent flavor and will leave you with pounding headache and a little heartburn. Gotta love it! I probably wouldn't recommend this to anyone but I'll still rate it a 5 out of 10. 

I don’t always drink bum wine, but when I do it's on Wednesday.

The Bum Wine Connoisseur 

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