Enjoy Wrestling's "Canned Heat" Odyssey Preview


The Season finale of the second season of Enjoy Wrestling’s Canned Heat is just about upon us.  The finale will be a unique show as it will consist of a battle royal match where the prize is a secret from everyone, even those who were in attendance at the tapings.  While we do not know what they are fighting for, we do know that the battle royal, which is named The Odyssey, will include the entire roster of season 2, so I will go over the competitors.

Jayce Karr may be one of the wildcards of the Odyssey as he has only been wrestling for about a year, but has shown an incredible amount of potential.  On episode one he had a very impressive showing against Derek Dillinger and actually dominated a lot of the match, but Derek got the victory with some assistance from Ziggy Haim.

Derek Dillinger is a very interesting competitor in this match as he has that veteran instinct and is willing to use any means necessary to earn a victory.  He does not seem like he would against letting other people do the work and then sweeping in for a victory at the end.  If he ends up in the ring at the same time as Ziggy look for them to team up.

The other half of The Production Ziggy Haim has been on a roll of late but has also shown a very devious side since teaming up with Derek.  She has taken the mask from Edith Surreal last season and got a victory over Erica Leigh due to interference from Derek this season.  You have to think that some of the other competitors are going to be looking for revenge against The Production, so they will hope that they are able to work together at some point in the match.

Erica Leigh may have lost the match to Ziggy, but she has been proving that she is a top wrestler in many of the promotions in the country.  She states that she is a Big Lady Wrestler and is also very strong.  She may seem very fun loving outside the ring, but once she steps through those ropes, she is serious and will be very hard to eliminate.

The leader of the PoyAm Cult MV Young may be one of the favorites going into the Odyssey.  He has the homefield advantage and is coming off a very hard-fought victory against Allie Katch.  A lot of people may know MV from his social media presence, but do not let that fool you.  In all his matches in Enjoy he has shown that he can wrestle any style you throw at him, from a hardcore brawl to a technical masterpiece. MV can do it all and look good while he does it.

Allie Katch has taken a turn in her career as of late.  She has gone from a fun-loving Kat to a very serious Katch as Katch can wrestler.  Allie may have come up on the short end of her match against MV, but she proved that she can hang with the best that Enjoy has to offer and is going to be someone to watch out for in this match, especially if she ends up in the ring with her often times partner in the tag team named Busy, Effy.

What can you really say about Effy other than that he is Effy?  He is a one-of-a-kind performer that can get it done in the ring.  Effy is one of the top wrestlers on the indie scene today and has gone against the best in every kind of match.  If you were placing bets, he would definitely have one of the best lines to win this match, as he always shows up in big matches.  Effy was a commentator on season 1 but entered the ring this season to defend his Fest Wrestling Title against Willow Nightingale in a brutal street fight.  Effy was successful in his title defense but has to be worse for the wear after Willow gave him all that he could handle.

It seems strange to say that Willow may be a dark horse in this match with all of her experience and success, but I feel that she may be coming in under the radar.  She had an amazing match with Effy, which brought out a new side of her.  The women with biggest smile got very serious last week and showed that she can be tough and fight however she needs to when the time comes.  The babe with the power is going to be very hard to eliminate and will keep fighting to the end.

Lee Moriarty is another person that would appear to be a favorite in this match as many consider him the best wrestler in North America.  He won the Enjoy Cup tournament last season defeating some of the best that have entered an Enjoy ring, Solo Darling, Edith Surreal and MV Young.  However, after he won the cup, he was attacked by Mr. Grim and Grim delivered the cup to David Lawless Esq.  Lee had a chance to win back the cup this season but was brutally attacked before the match and was defeated by Mr. Grim.  We will have to see if Lee is at 100% entering this match and if he will be distracted on getting revenge on Grim and Lawless instead of focusing on winning the match.

Mr. Grim has worked as a mercenary for both Lawless and Commander Sterling, so you have to wonder if he will be in this match for himself or to secure the briefcase for someone else.  If he decides to go rogue and try to take it himself, he is going to be very hard to defeat.  Grim is probably the strongest person in this match and has to be very confident after defeating Lee Moriarty.

While David Lawless may not be the stronger or quickest person in the match, he will tell you that he is the smartest.  Lawless somehow managed to take possession of the Enjoy Cup without ever stepping in the ring, but I think he will actually have to put in some work if he wants to win the briefcase.

Some more people that have joined forces with the likes of Commander Sterling and David Lawless are The Runway.  The Runway, Tyler Klein and Calvin Couture, cannot win the Odyssey together but can work as a team until there are only 2 of them left.  They tried this approach whenever they answered the open challenge that Billy Dixon placed, but were not successful.  They are going to have to use more than their fashion sense to win this match.

Billy Dixon is another person that you should totally keep an eye on in this match.  Billy is a big, strong competitor and will be very hard to eliminate.  He has been on his Kill Bill Tour and has been running through competitors.  He defeated both members of The Runway on episode 4, so he is definitely not intimidated if the numbers are against him.

Tre Lamar is a fast up and coming wrestler.  He has been seen on Impact Wrestling and AEW.  He defeated Façade on episode 3 but did take a few short cuts in doing so.  Tre has all the talent in the world and the skill to win any match he is in, plus this new attitude of his is going to make him someone to watch out for in this match.

Speaking of watching out, whenever you hear Façade’s music play you better look all around, because you never know where this highflyer is coming from.  He has been known to come from every angle and has a very wide range of ways that he can attack you in his arsenal. 

Dani Mo has not officially been in a match in Enjoy but was involved in Façade’s match quite a bit.  Once Tre pulled her in front of him on the outside of the ring, all bets were off and Dani showed off her athleticism.  She would like to prove that she can hold her own in this match and get that briefcase for herself.

One half of the Kings of the District is Eel O’neal.  He is a very interesting individual in this match because his style is  very unpredictable.  Eel’s offense is a form of controlled chaos, and he can hit you from any angle.  You have to believe if he and Jordan Blade are in the ring together, they will work as a team, but Eel has also proven that he is just as dangerous on his own.

Jordan Blade may be one of the most feared and dangerous competitors in the match.  She is currently the Pro Wrestling Magic women’s champion and the Paradigm Pro Super Middleweight Champion.  She won a tournament to win the Super Middleweight championship recently, so she is used to battling multiple people in 1 night, however she will have to complete with many people at the same time and will have to throw them over the top rope once she knocks them out.

The team of YoKai may have fallen to the Kings of the District on episode 2, but they put up a hell of a fight and showed just how skilled and tough both of them are. Janai Kai is on an absolute roll of late and is capable of winning any match that she has entered.  Kai recently won the CFU tournament that took place in a cage by defeating Ray Lyn, Jordan Blade and Masha Slamovich all in the same night.  She may be a little smaller in stature than most of her opponents, but she will not be intimated by anyone and will stand toe to toe with the toughest and strongest opponents that you can find.

Janai’s tag team partner, Yoya, may also not be one of the biggest person in the fight but will use his speed and explosive offense to try to eliminate his opponents.  Yoya left a very lasting impression in his previous appearance in Enjoy and looks to wow us once again in the Odyssey. 

This briefcase and whatever is in it could go to anyone in this match, except David Lawless who is definitely not go to win, but anyone else totally could.  I think there are a few favorites but someone like Jayce Karr or Yoya could be a dark horse or at least leave a lasting impression on us as the second season of Canned Heat comes to a close.

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