Indie Wrestling Spotlight: Satu Jinn


Satu Jinn is a wrestler that stands out even on a deathmatch wrestling show with a ton of unique characters.  He seems to bring that old school violence of an Abdullah the Butcher or Mad Man Pondo, but adds the new school deathmatch style along with it.  He states that the inspiration for his look comes from Abdullah the Butcher, The Sultan and Haku/Meng, with an outside of wrestling influence from Dragonball Z’s Majin Buu.  Satu has been wrestling since 2015 but has really made a name for himself this past year in promotions like IWA Mid-South, ICW No Holds Barred and No Peace Underground. 

Satu says that he was not a wrestling fan growing up, but instead wrestling was something that found him.  About his start in wrestling he says, “I attended my first indie show when I was 20. Watching that show seeing people I now call friends on that stage killing it was what drew me to this business. So I set out to find a wrestling school and to get trained on my 21st birthday I began training under a wrestler by the name of Cash Flo. I trained for 2 years before finally making my debut and wrestled locally for about a year until I met up with other vets in the business such as Randy West, Joseph Schwartz, Neil Diamond Cutter and the Hooligans.  Those individuals are the ones who helped me get on the road, get my foot in the door with promotions and wrestle as many matches as possible with a variety of opponents and crowds in order to get my proper seasoning. It wasn't until I started riding with John Wayne Murdoch and the rest of The Rejects that I came to realize my love for Deathmatch wrestling.”

Satu is part of The Rejects, which consists of some of the best and biggest stars in death match wrestling today.  Along with Satu in The Rejects is also The Deathmatch Samurai, AKIRIA, who burst on the scene last summer with an unforgettable dive off a roof and has since won the 2021 Master of Pain tournament and the AWR Asylum Deathmatch Tournament.  The other members of The Rejects are the veterans and trainers of AKIRA, John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley.  By God Reed Bentley has been wrestling for 11 years and has held the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship on 3 different occasions and also had multiple tag championships with John Wayne Murdoch.  JWM is someone who many consider the best deathmatch wrestler in the country, so it is always good to have him by your side, however getting him riled up may be one of the favorite activities of the other members of The Rejects while on the road.  Satu says, “It's a group effort but our favorite pastime on the road is hyping up & pissing off John Wayne Murdoch.  Poking the bear until he reaches his boiling point is pure entertainment.  Followed by the even more entertaining process of calming him down before he stabs some random unsuspecting pedestrian who has no clue what they've gotten themselves into.”

Satu says that the Deathmatch community are some of the most supportive and embracing people that he has ever met in the wrestling business.  Whenever you look at deathmatch wrestling a lot of people may see it as toxic masculinity or a form of violence that may not be accepting to a queer wrestler, but I asked Satu what it is like being a queer wrestler in the deathmatch scene and he said that it has never been an issue or even brought up.  He says that he is so nonchalant about being queer that most people forget that it is even a thing.  However, one thing that Satu is not nonchalant about is inflicting pain and that is something that he did at No Peace Underground’s “Fear the Gay Agenda” show, whenever he entered MV Young’s Twink Gauntlet.  MV, or whoever put this match together, must have a very different definition of what a twink is than what I do, because looking at Satu Jinn that is definitely not something I would call him. In that match Satu Jinn was one of the largest competitors and it took 4 of the other opponents to eliminate him.  This was a show that Satu really wanted to be part of.  He said, “Fear the Gay Agenda was all about representation. I'm an up-and-coming queer Deathmatch wrestler so it seemed only fitting to have me on an all LGBTQ Deathmatch wrestling event.”

This year Satu Jinn has really shown a lot more people what he is capable of, whether it is as part of The Rejects or on his own.  He made it to the finals of the IWA MS Double Death Tag Team tournament with JWM before falling to 44OH.  He has gone to battle with fellow Rejects, JWM and AKIRA, but I feel that his biggest win this year was in a Four Way Home Run Derby Death Match, as he was in the match with 3 veterans, Casanova Valentine, Danny Demanto and Tank, and came out on top.

Satu Jinn is not all about the violence.  He loves the camaraderie of his fellow wrestlers and is also said to be a fantastic cook.  I had to ask him what his best meal is, and he said that is doesn’t really have a dish that he considers his best but his specialty and what he started out cooking is southern soul food.  He also says that he makes “a mean ass Shepard’s Pie.”  He says that cooking and fighting are the 2 things that he seems to be good at.  I feel like we are going to be seeing a lot more of Satu fighting and maybe he can follow in Spyder Nate Webb’s shoes and eventually get a cooking show on IWTV.

The next big match for Satu is a literal nightmare, where he will team with Neil Diamond Cutter against the stars from W*NG, Nightmare Freddy and Headhunter.  This will be in the chains for ICW No Holds Barred in San Antonio TX on August 14.  You can keep up with Satu Jinn on twitter at @satujinnuncivil or Instagram at satujinn. 

*Photo by Earl Gardner @EarlWGardner

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