Bum Wine Wednesday

Bum Wine Wednesday 

Today's Bum Wine Wednesday is Four Loko Sour Grape. 

This beast brings back fond memories of chugging Lokos before concerts back before they took out the caffeine. These used to be the ultimate concert pregame, that being said they were killing people so I guess they had to do what they had to do. They took out all the energy supplements but they are still pretty bad ass. 

The Sour Grape flavor is fairly new and it is awesome. One of the better Four Loko flavors I've had. Reminds me of a malty grape Fanta, at 14% alcohol in a 23.5 oz can it doesn't take but one to get you pretty buzzed. If you are really wanting to party buy two and completely regret your decisions when you wake up. Would definitely only recommend ONE of these. I rate this 7 out of 10. Any request you want me to try and review, let me know in the comments.

I dont always drink bum wine but when I do it's on Wednesday.

The Bum Wine Connoisseur 

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