"MV Young's PolyAm Woodstock" Preview


MV Young’s PolyAm Woodstock will be in Pearl River NY on August 28. There will be 4 separate shows; Industrial World Wrestling vs T2T Wrestling Academy will start the day at noon, at 2 will be Invictus, then at 4 you have No Peace Underground, followed by the main show at 6pm.  Here is a look at the matches that have been announced, I will add to this list if more get announced, so stay tuned as it should be a crazy day. 


MV Young’s PolyAm Cult Show


Edith Surreal vs Dark Sheik

This is a rematch from last October at Effy’s Big Gay Brunch in a match that many consider a match of the year candidate.  Edith came out on top in that match, so Sheik will be looking for some revenge.  Edith had already been a rising star, but that match propelled her even more.  Since then, she has won the Cassandro Cup and defeated both Masha Slamovich and Effy in very brutal matches.  She is going to have to use that experience from those matches to get another victory against one of the most hardcore women in wrestling today, the founder of Hoodslam, Dark Sheik.  Sheik has recently made the east coast wrestling fans aware of what the west coast fans have known for years, that any match that she is in is going to be a can’t miss and may steal the show.  This year Sheik has gone toe to toe with the likes of Effy, AC Mack, Trish Adora and Nick Gage, basically the best and the toughest wrestlers today.  We will see if the veteran will even the score or if Edith will find another way to defeat the Dark Sheik.

Jody Himself vs Darius Carter

Jody Himself earned a title shot in a 3-way match at the 2nd PolyAm Cult Party and impressed MV so much with his fight that he was awarded a singles match for the Wrestlers’ Lab Championship at the 3rd PolyAm Party.  That match was very brutal, and Jody even had the fans cheering for him by the end, in a match that was literally in MV’s backyard.  Jody is going to be the fan favorite from the beginning of this match, as he is wrestling one of the most hated men in wrestling Darius Carter.  Darius has won championships everywhere that he has been but has not always done it by the rules.  He will look to intimidate Jody, but Jody will not back down, and this should be a heck of a battle.


Matt Makowski vs Jared Evans

This is going to be a very interesting matchup, as it pits one of the most innovative and dangerous wrestlers against the wrestler with quite possibly the biggest mouth in all of wrestling.  Don’t get me wrong, Jared Evans can be dangerous in the ring himself, but he is going to have quite the test against Matt Makowski.  Jared is not a stranger to the PolyAm Cult Parties as he main evented the second one in an incredible match against Billy Dixon.  This will be Matt Makowski’s first appearance at the PolyAm Cult.  He has made quite an impression recently winning the Frogsport tournament by defeating Darius Carter in the finals and going on to defeat the likes of Kevin Ku and Aaron Mercer.   Jared Evans asked for more competition, but he is going to have to be very careful, as Matt Makowski has a way of putting submissions on his opponents from any position.


Big Game Leroy vs Ashton Starr

This is a match that I am looking forward to as it should be extremely entertaining.  Ashton is very charismatic and always looks amazing and Leroy likes to play his Twitch.  They are both very high paced wrestlers so neither one is going to have a moment to rest.  Ashton is from Georgia, but has really started to make a name for himself all over the country in the past year.  He even won the Boy Butter Slippery Scramble at Effy’s Big Gay Bunch on Wrestlemainia Weekend.  Big Game Leroy, who incredibly likes to wrestle while still playing his twitch will have the homefield advantage.  He is from New York and also is a regular on the PolyAm Cult Party shows.  Leroy will also defend his Invictus Social Media title earlier in the day against Pancakes, so Ashton may be able to use the fact he will be a little fresher to his advantage



Robert Martyr vs Jordan Blade

This is the match for the lovers of technical wrestling.  Both of these wrestlers have had incredible years and are 2 of the toughest wrestlers on the indies.  Many are calling Martyr the next breakout star and Jordan has been running through every opponent that has been put in front of her.  Jordan is a BJJ expert and can find just about any way to take her opponent down and make them submit.  Martyr is known as the South City Stretcher, so you know that he likes to go to the mat too.  They both like to be calculated, but if you get them mad, they will come at you with ferocious strikes. 


MV Young vs Hippy Dickie Moon for the Wrestlers’ Lab Championship

The host of the event and the Enjoy Wrestling and Wrestlers’ Lab champion has been giving championship matches against some young wrestlers that he feels deserves to have the attention that being in the ring with the leader of the PolyAm Cult brings.  At the last 2 shows he has defended the belt against Jody Himself and Josh Fuller.  They were both incredible matches with MV coming out on top.  In this match he faces someone that you have to believe feels right at home at Woodstock in Hippy Dickie Moon.  Moon has been very impressive in Wrestlers’ Lab, even earning a victory over Gary Jay, so this championship shot is well earned.   Moon says that he is going to walk out of Woodstock with the Wrestlers’ Lab championship on his left shoulder and a J in his right hand, but the PolyAm Cult King will do everything in his power to keep that title around his waist.


Molly McCoy vs Brooke Valentine

This is a match that made a lot of people gasp in anticipation whenever it was announced.  These are 2 very tough competitors that should put on an amazing match.  Molly is known as the Grittiest in the Game and has stole the show on the last 2 PolyAm Cult Party shows with impressive matches against Allie Katch and Athrun Amada.  While they came up on the losing end of those matches, they put up a hell of a fight in each.  Brooke Valentine is known as the Queen Bee and apparently also has Fite Tv’s favorite ass.  She is making her PolyAm debut but is definitely not a rookie.  Brooke has been wrestling since 2017 and has really made a name for herself in the past year.  She has been having amazing matches in the Midwest for promotions like Zelo Pro and Zowa and even won the Britney Spears Open Invitational Five-way match at the Cassandro Cup.  This will be a very hard hitting match that will not disappoint.


Shawn Phoenix vs Commander Sterling

Commander Sterling has been wreaking havoc everywhere that they go from the PolyAm shows, where they defeated Kimberly Spirit with the help of their goons, to Ryse Wrestling where they defeated their poor intern Craig, and then at Enjoy Wrestling, where they decided to choke slam Shawn Phoenix.  Shawn was talking to the audience about his injured arm when Sterling came out and decided to start insulting Shawn and the crowd.  Shawn decided he had enough and said that he could take on Sterling with 1 arm, but of course Sterling was not alone.  Sterling’s goons attacked Shawn from behind leaving him weakened for a devastating choke slam from The Commander.  Shawn is hoping that this match is one on one and if that is the case look for Shawn Phoenix to get his revenge.


Ken Broadway vs Eel O’neal

This is going to be a contrast of styles and personalities whenever these 2 step in the ring against each other.  Ken Broadway has a lot of flash and swagger and comes to the ring making it rain, while Eel is the African American Horror Story and is very stoic.  Once the match starts they are also very different.  Ken Broadway likes to use his athletic ability to come at you from all different angles and through the air while Eel likes to keep it on the mat and uses his controlled chaos to keep his opponents off guard to get the pin or the submission victory.


Athrun Amada vs Saieve Al Sabah

Athrun has been having amazing matches the last couple PolyAm shows and looks to do the same on this one.  Athrun stated that he is to be taken serious and wanted big matches, and this would definitely count as a big match.  Saieve is known as the Child of the 8th Day and is leading a revolution.  He has incredible talent in the ring and has some of the most athletic moves that you will see all day. Saieve will have the experience advantage, as he has been to some of the companies that Athrun is trying to go to, but he will surely not just step aside and let Athrun take center stage.



Vinnie Massaro vs Colin Delaney vs Josh Fuller vs Jet Jaghori

This will be a battle between veterans and young stars.  Vinnie and Colin will look to use their experience to take down the young combatants in this match, but there can only be one winner.  Josh Fuller is coming off a very impressive showing against MV Young at the last PolyAm Cult Party show and Jet has been showing that he truly belongs with great showings at Camp Leapfrog and elsewhere. 


Uptown Boys, Matt Awesome, Jarrett Diaz and El Jhonny Santos vs House of McQueen, Eddie McQueen, Karen Bam Bam, Gabby Ortiz and DM Kiddeaux

The Uptown Boys tried to ruin the fun of Mikey Banker, Aspyn Rose and Eddie McQueen at the last PolyAm Cult Party and it appears that the House of McQueen is looking for some revenge.  The Uptown Boys have trained together, so you would think that they would have the experience advantage as a team, but the House of McQueen looked amazing gaining the victory at Paris is Bumping against The House of Atari.


Mikey Banker & Aspyn Rose vs The Mane Event Vs Apostles of Chaos w/ Saz Boatright

Banker and Rose are the least experienced team in this match, but they did work well together at the last PolyAm Cult Party, and it seems like they do have some chemistry.  The other 2 teams have a lot of experience together.  The team of Mane Event, Midas Black and Jay Lyon, have been teaming together since 2018 and use some high-flying offense to defeat their opponents.  You are not going to see any high flying from the Apostles of Chaos, Chris Benne and Logan Black, who have been teaming since 2017.  They like to just punch their opponents in the face and beat them down until they get the pin.  There is definitely 3 different styles and personalities between the teams in this match

PB Smooth vs Chase Holliday

PB issued his Keep it Player Invitational open challenge and it was answered by Chase.  This is a match up that both men have wanted and these two powerful wrestlers will finally meet at Woodstock.  PB will tower above pretty much anyone in the wrestling ring, but Chase is not one to be intimidated and will stand toe to toe with anyone. Chase was the the long time holder of the MidwestTerritory.com championship chain and  is a member of The Lost Boys.  He had quite the battle with Mr. Grim at PolyAm Cult Party 3 and although he came up on the losing end he impressed a lot of people.  PB is a member of 40 Acres and  has held the AIW Absolute championship along with the AIW tag team championship with Swogle.  PB has been looking for some stiffer challenges lately as he looks to climb that ladder and make a name for himself all over the country.  Chase is going to be quite a challenge indeed and PB better come looking for a fight when he steps in the ring with someone as strong as Chase.  


No Peace Underground 4pm

MV Young vs Jimmy Lloyd (opens the day at noon)

Grim Reefer vs Treehouse Lee

Otis Cogar vs AKIRA


Invictus  2pm

1st round of their tag tournament

Milk Chocolate, Brandon Watts and Randy Summers vs YoKai, Yoya and Janai Kai

InZanely Rude, Zane Bernardo and RJ Rude vs Kings of the District, Jordan Blade and Eel O’neal

Social Media Championship

Panckes vs Big Game Leroy

#1 contenders match for the women's title

Dark Sheik vs Erica Leigh

Also in action:

PB Smooth vs Killian McMurphy



Industrial World Wrestling vs T2T Wrestling Academy

Brother Greatness vs Sazzy Boatright

The trainer from T2T Wrestling Academy, Logan Black, is representing IWW and is facing one of his top students Perfect Perkins

Delightful Dan The God Damn Candy Man & Erica Leigh bring the sweets against the team from T2T Wrestling Academy Supa Nitro & Big Game Leroy Green

The Four Families Fourway pits Tony Paige vs Chris Benne vs Vinnie Massaro vs Joe Cava

In the main event Darius Carter issued an open challenge to anyone from the T2T Wrestling Academy and it was answered by none other than Robert Martyr

Thunderheart JGEORGE, representing IWW takes on The True King of R&B Stan Michael from T2T

The devastating Karen Bam Bam takes on the rising star from T2T Indigo w/ The Network 

The One Winged Dragon Chris Ryan will have a very tough test as he represents T2T against Jaiden The Unbelievable

The A-Game Joseph Alexander will look to score an upset against one of The Goons Killian McMurphy


  If you do not have the chance to make it up to upstate NY to partake in this party live, you are in luck because it will be broadcast on Twitch and the commentators are 2 of the best in the business, Darnell Mitchell and Veda Scott. 

If you are planning on being there live not only will you have all the wrestling but MV will have live music, food trucks, a tattoo artist and goodies from the Willy Wonka of space treats Jonsey himself.



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