[Fantasy Booking] It's All About The Boom! - How Does Adam Cole Change EVERYTHING About AEW?

Watch What Some Are Calling The Greatest PPV Of All-Time - AEW's ALL OUT 2021

The AEW landscape has totally changed after the events of the 2021 version of All Out. With the addition of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho & Adam Cole, the toybox is filled and the booking sheet is where the next big surprises live.

Let's look at Adam Cole, and where he goes from here - and how his presence could ignite not only the men's division, but the women's division as well.

His first attack came at the hands of Jungle Boy - and if you've made the mistake of venturing upon Twitter, you know that months back there were rumors of Britt Baker & Jungle Boy spending a little too much time with each other. 

Now, I'm not here to pour gas on rumors, but it wouldn't surprise me if AEW booked these two based on that very reason - and it allows Britt to play a role within The Elite, something no female has done yet.

Can't you see it: Cole confronts Jungle Boy during a Dynamite or Rampage, about the rumors he had to live with while he was waiting to be the next AEW signee ... which brings Baker out to confront Cole, telling him she's sick of his lack of trust.

Trust ... hmm. He follows her to the back to continue the argument off air.

The next week, he confronts Jungle Boy again - this time physically, with members of The Elite helping - bringing Baker out again. This time saving Jungle Boy from a further beating.

A match is set for PPV - and of course, this is where Britt shows her true feelings, turning on Jungle Boy and joining The Elite.

With the addition of Baker, AEW enters into a world of intergender matches that sets the wrestling world on it's ear. 

Man ... wouldn't that be cool? 

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