The Krude Experience - Thor’s Day Thunder

Thor’s Day Thunder

Just a scant few days before the NFL kicks off its 2021 season and Krüde gotta get something off my rapidly greying chest: I hate Thursday Night Football games. And for good reasons. As always

Thursday night NFL games are the work of the formerly non profit National Football League. To make profits. go figure… Adding a third day of NFL action per week to keep a fan’s interest from waning does nothing for the players. Just beats them up more on short weeks. Does nothing for coaches. Just short changes their game planning and practices. And for the fans watching from home: Keeps us East Coast fuckers up late on work or school nights. Who really wants this dumb day for a football game?

Opening game this season will be the Tompa Bay Bucs vs Dallas Cowboys. The reigning Super Bowl champs against America’s Team sic. A Thor’s Day battle for the ages. Not. This just reeks of a gridiron stinker. Hope the Cowboys wear their blue jerseys. Nothing good comes from wearing that color for Jerry’s kids.

Pro football is the arguably  biggest religion in the USA. But even the most ardent Christian or heretic doesn’t bow to their gods 3 days a week, every week during the Fall. Too much is too much. Just ask anybody who watches WWE Raw for 3 hours on a Monday. Ha!


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