Johny Bootlegger Halloween Quadfecta

Usually Halloween means that it's Thunder Dew time, but this year we are doing things differently. While everyone still has to do their best to conserve their Thunderbird Wine supply, others get to step up to the big time! Throughout the month of October we have been featuring a variety of Johny Bootlegger beverages, and it has all come down to this moment for the Johny Bootlegger Halloween Quadfecta!

Johny Bootlegger Alcatraz Sour Apple, Scarface Sour Raspberry, Hard Squeezed Ice Lemonade, and Juice Joint Watermelon are here and ready to party!

When mixing the four flavors together I certainly wasn't expecting much after mixing up the pairs on pervious editions of Bumming with Bobcat, but one can always hope, right? The taste can be best compared to the New York Jets, disappointing. It's not undrinkable, but the concoction is nothing to write home about. The sour flavors overpower the rest, but if you are looking for a spooky treat to enjoy this Halloween mix some up! 

Happy Halloween!

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Looking for some more tricks and treats to enjoy this Halloween? Johny Bootlegger October continues with a SOUR edition DOUBLE feature! Alcatraz Sour Apple and Scarface Sour Raspberry are on tap! How do they rank? Have we found a Green Apple Cisco replacement? Tune in to find out all about it! 

Listen to "Johny Bootlegger October Double Feature: Sour Edition" on Spreaker.

Looking for something spooky to enjoy this October? Johny Bootlegger is your answer! Coming in at 12% ABV. in a 6.8oz bottle they look similar to an MD 20/20, but these are malt beverages and NOT a fortified wine. How do they rank? Tune in!

Listen to "Johny Bootlegger October Double Feature" on Spreaker.

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