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 Sports Gambling

Krüde got something on his mind....

Love me some gambling. You already know that. But there is a line with gambling that I will not cross (besides betting on hockey). I WILL NOT EXPOSE CHILDREN TO ANY KIND OF GAMBLING. Yet, I see tons of advertising for online gambling that millions of kids could see at any time. That’s bullshit, in my book.

Ads for sports gambling sites out duel dick pill ads 4-1, at the very least. Pre game analysts always talk about point spreads and best bets. And don’t get me started on pay to play fantasy football.    

Wagering on a sporting event is the very reason most people watch the event. Having action on the game makes the meek feel verile, upon victory. That is a tough feeling to kick to the curb forever. $ and bragging rights: real man's MO.

Yet children still play these games for the fun of it. They just want to act like their sporting idols. No need to expose them to gambling. They are having tons of fun. Let them become adults before trying to seduce them with quick cash from prop bets.

I recall in the 1980s having sports betting slips being passed around school for us to bet with. These were wise guy style football wagering slips where you could choose to pick from a minimum of 3 games to the maximum of 15 games. If you picked all winners, you got paid. We would get greedy and bet $5 on the maximum games (15) and if we hit, it was 1000-1 odds. $5k in the 80s was sweet cash. But nobody ever hit 15 winners in one week. A few of us hit 9 winners for 50-1. But for the most part, that was the extent of our gambling. No online wagering. Or off shore wagering. Or credit cards. Just dropping under $10 cash and hoping for the best.

You can call me a hypocrite for my personal underage gambling exploits. That’s fine. I just wanted to write about sports gambling and its insane reach to the masses these days. Its no longer underground. Gambling is main stream. The Stock Exchange is legalized gambling. Which makes it the biggest scam on the planet. Speculative, educated wagering on something that could have huge returns in the future. Bullshit, I says.  Insider traders of stocks have that market cornered. Fuck those creeps

So if you choose to bet on a team, player, animal, or stock option, please remember to have fun while doing it. Cuz if you lose….








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